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Just BOOBIES... (No Lipo, Read from 1.9.13 down)

Hey!!.. I'm Jenna, and after being a member of this website for about a year I finally decided to start writing about my experience. I have wanted a "boob job" sense I was around 14 and would wear 2 bras to school, thankfully I grew out of that but I still wear padded bras and won't buy them... READ MORE

Questions from Jenna from California

How Soon After an Erbium Pixel Treatment Can I Exercise?

I'm worried that sweating will effect my treatment I got yesterday (June 11th), also how soon after the treatment can I wear makeup? READ MORE

Would It Be Cheaper to Get a BA and VaserLipo Together or Separate? Around How Much Would It Cost?

I have been looking to get a BA and some form of way to loose some fat for a couple years now and I am trying to find the best way to go about the price. I am 22, work part... READ MORE

What is the General Price Range for Blood Tests and Prescriptions?

Im looking at getting a Breast Augmentation, and SLIMlipo or Smartlipo and was wondering if there is a general price range for how much the tests and prescriptions will cost me READ MORE

Why is a Breast Augmentation in CA So Much More Expensive Than in States Like AZ?

I am looking at getting a BA (silicone, under muscle) and some form of either SLIM lipo SMART lipo or VASER lipo done at the same time I have recieved quotes in both Northern... READ MORE

Will Getting Liposuction in Multiple Areas Effect the Results?

I have heard that because someone had liposuction in say 3+ areas their results did not turn out as well as if they had gotten the areas done at different times? Just wondering... READ MORE

I Was Told I Was Slightly Anemic (But Iron Levels Wer Normal) Will I Be Safe Getting a Breast Aug/ Lipo?

About 6 months ago I went to the Dr for poor circulation (habds and feet are always cold) my doctor ordered blood work and everything came back normal except that I was showing... READ MORE

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Tips for Climbing Stairs After Having Liposuction?

I have not scheduled my surgery date yet because im still trying to get everything in order (mostly $) but, I will be getting both a BA and Lipo (upper and lower abdomen, love... READ MORE