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Reaction to 100 Units of Botox for Migraines

How long will my reaction to the botox last? They Seem to Be Getting Worse @ 3 Months? READ MORE

Why Would a Dr Tell You to Get More Units of Botox when You Have Reacted to 100?

Why Would a Dr Tell You to Get More Units of Botox when You Have Reacted to 100? READ MORE

Could Botox Injections for Migraines Cause Seizures?

6 weeks after Botox injections for migraines I began to have small seizures. I also had a cluster of them in my sleep twice. I am so scared this will cause brain damage. It is... READ MORE

How Long Does Botox Stay when It Goes Systemic? Been 1 Year Still Having Multiple Problems.

The list goes on and on. Main concerns are horrible jaw and throat squeezing. Hearing dulls, visual disturbances,headaches still there. Had 100 units for migraines by... READ MORE

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3 years and still having nerve issues, tendon, muscle, spine,and much more. It has made my like miserable, suffering daily. READ COMMENT

Yes I had mri that showed this READ COMMENT

BSW I'm also dealing with inflamed tendons throughout my body. They inflame and fill with fluid and hurt so bad. I am almost at three years as well. I wish one of these Drs would try to help us instead of denial. If you find something... READ COMMENT

Hi BSW I'm also living with inflamed tendons. Drs can't help me either. It is so painful. I'm trying to live without sugar red meats and gluten. Drink green and still they stay inflamed. Please let me know if you find anything to help... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry you are definitely having reaction to Botox. Seek emergency help for your breathing. If your Dr won't help go to another hospital immediately and find help. This is nothing to full around with. The Dr who injected you... READ COMMENT