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Never Again! - Elmhurst, IL

Hi all! Im happy to say that I'm 6 weeks post injections. I had 28 units of Botox in my forehead and glabella . I say I'm happy because every week that goes by is a week closer to healthy days. The past 6 weeks have been some of the most scary and challenging weeks of my life. It all... READ MORE

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An allergic reaction would happen immediately following injections. If you have symptoms appear days later chances are it's an adverse effect from the toxin or botulism. In my experience, you know if it's botulism! Moral to the story...... READ COMMENT

I'm sure you are fine and it's just an initially reaction! A lot of people just get short term symptoms and then are fine. A botulism reaction has nothing to do with how much you are administered or where it given. I know women who've... READ COMMENT

Hi Susan! There is a very large support group online outside of this forum, with close to 1,000 registered members. It's been wonderful to talk with others that have gone through or are struggling like me. This is a very lonely scared... READ COMMENT

Hi Julie! It's the Botox! I really hope those three doctors read this reply to you. I've been sick for two years now and have talked with many doctors and past victims of Botox. Botox is highly immunogenic and doe as cause iatrogenic... READ COMMENT

I never saw the box or was warned of the actual side effects! It's illegal to not disclaim...escape illy with a black box warning. I've been sick for two years, it's completely changed my body:( READ COMMENT