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Restylane Ruined my Life - Sherman Oaks, CA

I got Restylane to plump lips and have EXTREME fatigue for the last 2 years. My life has changed DRASTICALLY for the worse. I can barely work part time and the "full life" I used to live is GONE - replaced by "just barely surviving" every day. I can't get to the grocery store after work, and... READ MORE

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I don't remember Shadow 14. It was 5 years ago... But I didn't get anything crazy - just the crows feet, between my eyebrows and at my cheekbones or whatever they do to keep that muscle from moving up and causing lines. READ COMMENT

Hi Bonitachloe, yes, I am positive. I know it seems odd to people who haven't had problems with injections. But sadly a lot of people are sick from all the various injections. I think the problem was that the stuff in the injection... READ COMMENT

Hi Shadow14, No, I haven't gotten ANY injections since May 2010. I was so clear that it made me sick, so I made sure not to do anything like that. I'm so sorry - I know, it's destroyed my life too. I'm not bedridden most days, but I'm... READ COMMENT

Hi Shezian! I couldn't find a lawyer that was interested. And I'm too tired to pursue it. I don't have "proof" in the form of a blood test that proves my chronic fatigue was SCIENTIFICALLY caused by the injections. Even though I know... READ COMMENT

Sandy, I'm SOOOO sorry! I know, I'm positive it was the injections that made me sick too. I've got Chronic Fatigue also. I feel for you. Also it's hard to find people "out in the world" that understand what we're going through.... I'm... READ COMMENT