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Thanks :) The feeling mutual; ironically it is us being our 'real selves" ! READ COMMENT

Thanks for that story; it is the way I think too. I am sure she has really bad moments, right? And the thing is that our situation is not so bad like that; but it is something we chose. That is the hard part! It is a choice but without... READ COMMENT

OMG! I am looking at the 'botched beauty' search. It is sick how many problems there are and what is almost more creepy are the doctor's response's to the women's problems. They don't address really anything going wrong but what they... READ COMMENT

And I think too, that the six month follow up is more for the doctor to satisfy that the swelling has gone down. It is not for the "final" results. Final results would be at least a year out and longer. I think there is a connection to... READ COMMENT

I understand~ I think there is a lot of anger and disappointment and depression over this situation. It's so unnecessary to have happened. Maybe it does have to do with smaller frames; and that could have to do with the hormone amounts... READ COMMENT