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Questions from DogMurmurer

Had eMatrix (meh), seeking ONE TIME TX for age spotting, acne & chicken pox scars

I would very much appreciate if a doc or someone w/experience could ....would recommend a ONE SITTING tx for the above....I'm very VERY fair and about to undergo rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Thick Skin, Bulbous Tip Repair, What Kinds of Risks are There with this Surgery?

I am having a rhino, here in Miami in 3 weeks.....I am 40 w/a disgustingly bulbous tip- I have very thick skin....doc says "about a year to fully...and truly recover (and... READ MORE

Advice needed 22 months post failed tip plasty. (UNILATERAL failure)?

1 side of my tip plasty failed. I asked surgeon 2 shave my bridge down 8 degrees cuz I knew that when the cartilage collapsed I'd end up with a hump. I was correct+went from... READ MORE

Does having thick acne skin affect the amount of time you need to wait before a revision? Has anyone had to wait 4 years?

Tip plasty 25mos ago. THICK THICK THICK acne skin. Failed BADLY on 1 side. But Dr keeps sayin' "ppl w/thick acne skin hafta wait 2-4yrs 4 comp result & my skin is worse than... READ MORE

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Dr Sherman in Miami?

Just curious if anyone has any experience with this surgeon. He's been doing this 4ever, and I truly trust him....but it's getting closer& closer to my... READ MORE


I'm looking into infini laser, but all I read on here is b*tch, b*tch, b*tch. Is it really THAT bad? Wouldn't it just be easier for people who've had 'failured procedures' to... READ MORE

Just posting $1200 special on blepharoplasty in Miami

Through end of December there's a $1200 specialfor blepharoplasty in Miami.... ***UNDER LOCAL ANESTHESIA!!!!!!I actually think there's a Groupon if you can believe... READ MORE

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He is.....and he's been practicing nothing but rhinos since 1987. I will keep every posted....fingers crossed! READ COMMENT

They will look at your teeth impressions and tell you whether its possible for them to do it....I haa few teeth that needed straightening.....11 of them....seriously, its no different from a dentist who makes the impression then sends... READ COMMENT

Well,too late, I'm on my last tray ......and my teeth are amazingly beautiful! BTW, its a REAL DENTAL LAB....not some dude in his parents basement. LOL. READ COMMENT


I cannot believe you paid that much for ONE appointment!!! What happens if you drop dead.....your family gets that money back? I cannot comprehend WHY anyone would charge anyone UP FRONT.....thats like me saying, "Hey, I'll be a nurse... READ COMMENT