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I'm on hour 48 and I've lost a total of two inches, one inch above my belly button and one inch below. I was VERY skeptical, especially with me being a "thin" person. I was mainly wanting the tightening part for the area around my belly... READ COMMENT

Right, well I'm going on week 7 of my lifestyle change and good exercise habits (4-6x a week) and I've noticed a difference but I just feel like it will give me that extra boost of encouragement. I'm definitely interested in the... READ COMMENT

I'm really really looking into getting one, but mine wouldn't necessarily be for inch loss but to add a little bit of tightness around my belly button area. I don't have stretch marks but I'd like it tighter from when I was pregnant. Do... READ COMMENT

Tlbakis, how did your session go? I also have that very little "flap" after 1 c-section and a hysterectomy, these reviews are so up & down that it's confusing. There's a Skin Care Center here in Buna, Tx that... READ COMMENT