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Reviews by iLoveMyDeepSeaDiver

Just had Lipo of the Outer Thighs & Flanks!

I'm 22 years old, 5'5, and have been stuck at a solid 140lbs for the past year and a half. I will be having my flanks and outer thighs ($3000) done as well as getting saline implants ($5000) (natural, perky, athletic... nothing huge). After reading a million reviews on this site, I... READ MORE

9 month post-op... trying to set up a revision.

So I'm 3 days post-op for my BA and some flank/thigh liposuction. I feel GREAT! AGE: 22 BEFORE SIZE: 34B (small/saggy) IMPLANT SIZE: 375cc & 400cc POSITION: Sub-muscular, Peri-aereola incision. Please disregard any of my uncertainties about Dr. Pousti previously. HE IS... READ MORE

Questions from iLoveMyDeepSeaDiver

Getting Liposuction on Thighs and Flanks, Will I Regret Not Getting it on my Lower Abdomen?

I am currently scheduled to receive liposuction in my outer thighs an flanks at the same time as a BA, next month. My question is, since I seem to put on weight mostly in my... READ MORE

Is Needing Touch-up of Liposuction a Likely Thing?

I am scheduled for flank & thigh lipo in a few weeks. I was reading another Q&A on here and an answer from a doctor read, "it's not very often a patient needs... READ MORE

Was Dead Set on Silicone Implants, Now my Head is Spinning! What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I had originally requested saline implants (reason: smaller scar). After much research & discussion with my husband & Dr at the 2nd appt I switched to silicone (reason:... READ MORE

How Soon Will is Be Plausible That I Will Up and About After Combo Lipo & BA (Squatting, Sitting at Weird Angles Etc)

I'm a "lifestyle" portrait photographer, meaning I'm always moving (quick walking, lots of squatting, climbing around on slippery rocks, walking an hour+ etc... READ MORE

Can I Get Smaller Implants Less Than 2 Weeks Post-Op? (photo)

I understand that implants swell and take time to drop & fluff, but I want them smaller NOW. I realized that all of my "want/like" example photos had under 350cc... READ MORE

Will the Projections and Width of my Implants Get Smaller As They Drop and Fluff? (photo)

Struggling w/ big implants (400cc & 375cc/silicone unders/mod+/13 days po), but not b/c they're "high & tight. Shape: perfect. My issues: too heavy on bottom,... READ MORE

Can I Get Sclerotherapy on Breast After Augmentation?

I recently underwent breast augmentation surgery. It has left me with large, blue/green, hulk-like veins running through my breasts. They're so unattractive! Is it possible... READ MORE

When can I fix double bubble/bottoming out and Muscle Distortion after 2 years? (Photo)

Breast implants in early 2012. (Sub-musc, aereola incision, silicone) Since month 3 I noticed huge muscle distortion when flexing my chest muscles (see image) and recently I've... READ MORE