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Why Do I Still Have Red Dots and Can See Exactly Where Botox Was Injected Near Crows Feet? In This Permanent?

Some of 4 out of the 6 injection sites are still visible after 24 hrs. All the literature states they should resolve in redness after a few hrs. Is this permanent damage? Am I... READ MORE

Milia Zapped From Eyelid 2 Days Ago. It is Still There Although I See a Scab?

Two days ago I had a milia zapped from my eyelid. I don't believe it was a laser. I do see a scab however I still see the milia. Is it possible the dermatologists missed the... READ MORE

Acne Cyst from Botox or Needle Injection?

I developed acne cysts or nodules at the injection site where Botox was injected. I don't know if it was from needle trauma or Botox. I have found many stories on Internet.... READ MORE

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My was more of a cyst or a lump. I'm not sure if you have that. I'm sorry that happened to you. It's really scarey... READ COMMENT

Was a an acne nodule? I may have the same thing! Did u ever try Botox again? I have had huge problems. I developed an acne nodule that never really went away. It hurts when I move my eyebrows. READ COMMENT

Hi, I was permanently damaged by Botox through an acne nodule from the Botox and or injection site. I have residual scar tissue between eyebrows so any time I move my eyebrows I have pain. Also a bump there. Horrible self esteem issues... READ COMMENT

I'm curious. Did u develop cysts at the injection site from Botox? I did and called it to report to allergen . I'm starting to think allergen needs to start telling drs the danger. READ COMMENT

Fidge, Did your cysts go away? READ COMMENT