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Breast Aug + Lift - New York, + Picture Diary!

After years of thinking about this. going back and forth about weather or not to do it. finally i decided i needed to do it because it was really affecting my life. i was very self conscience in general, never going without a bra, never changing in front of anyone. in the bed room with my... READ MORE

I Downsized from 240 to 120cc Silicone Implants. They Were Too Big! - New York, NY

Well I only got home from the PS's a couple hours ago so I haven't seen them yet. I will be able to look tomorrow when i take the bandages off. But i can already tell a difference. The procedure took 2 hours. He exchanged them and made the areola a lot smaller. Look at my profile to see my whole... READ MORE

Questions from Laura R.

Im Getting a Breast Lift with Implant in a Week and I Dont Know What Size Implant to Get. Opinions? (photo)

I am a 34b and I want to be a small C. I am getting silicone moderate profile implants. I am 5'10 and 135 pounds. What size implant should I get? I want the most natural... READ MORE

What is the Healing Process of an Areola Incision? (photo)

I just had breast aug with an areola incision 3 weeks ago. I am putting bacitracin zinc on around 3 times a day. Then next week I am starting silicone strips for 12 hours a day... READ MORE

How Did 240cc Silicone Implants Give Me a Size D Cup? (photo)

I got a breast aug almost 2 months ago, I am 5'10 with a slender body type. I wanted to be a big B cup. I went with 240cc silicon implants thinking they were small and would... READ MORE

Have my Implants Dropped Yet? (photo)

I had a lift + 240cc low profile silicone implant 3.5 months ago. if you look at my picture diary you can see the whole process. i still feel a bit of discomfort sometimes, and... READ MORE

Should I Downsize or Have my Implants Taken out Completely? (photo)

I had a lift w/ implants 10ms ago w/ 240cc. If you look at my full profile you will see Ive been unhappy with the size from the start. Ive given it time and I am ready to... READ MORE

Im Downsizing! What Size Implants Should I Get? (photo)

So, I started off w/ a small B cup. I got 240cc silicone unders and now I am a very unhappy large C/D cup, pls see my profile. my nipples got bigger than they ever were :( I... READ MORE

I Am Downsizing by Half What Can I Expect? How Will They Look/feel? 240cc to 120cc (photo)

I started off with a small b cup. i got 240cc unders. I am now wearing c/d cup bras. too big for me. so i am downsizing to 120cc. here are the details: 240cc low pro = 11.7... READ MORE

Whats the Best Scar Treatment for a Healing Areola Scar? (photo)

I had breast aug with areola insicions on march 8th and i would like the scars to heal as well as possible. what can i use? right now i am using biocorneum with spf30 i think... READ MORE

I think I am going to get my implants explanted, How do you think my results will be? (Photo)

Ive had 2 surgeries, 1st w/ 240cc impants + banelli lift, they ended up being huge. I was miserable not to mention how large my areolas grew after just 6 months. So I downsized... READ MORE

Can I have my implants removed from my armpit if I had them put in with a lift through my areolas? to reduce further scarring...

3 years ago I have a lift and implant through my nipples. 240cc low pro silicone under muscle. 2 years ago I downsized to 120cc under muscle again through the nipple. Finally... READ MORE