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African American Woman Having Smart Lipo Triplex Done on Inner Thighs - Lanham, MD

I was the grand price winner of a smart lipo triplex (one area) event at Beux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery lanham,md.I'm having my inner thighs done because the chub rub has gotta go =).My main reason for doing this is not to get "skinny" legs per say. I've always had big muscular legs and... READ MORE

Questions from buttabeen

Huge Gap Between Thighs Using Smart Lipo Possible? (photo)

I want quite an extensive gap btwn my thighs. 1. I think it looks absoslutly fab. 2. no more chubb rub. 3 i would love to wear pants & be able to pull them up ALL the way... READ MORE

Gastric Bypass BUT Not Obese.

I know this is a really silly question but I've always wondered. Is it possible to have a gastric bypass without being MORBIDLY obese if you pay it on your own? Or would... READ MORE

Modified Vertical with Pectoralis Sling/ Femme-S Breast Reduction Surgeons on the East Coast?

Are there ANY plastic surgeons on the east coast or anywhere close that does breast reductions using Femma-S (Footprint elevation Mamodermal Masto-Augmentation w/ sling... READ MORE

Gel Silicone Sheets & Breast Reduction?

Should you use vertical/anchor incision scar treatment gel silicone sheets after the sutures have been taken out as preventive treatment for scars even thought there are no... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Triplex Inner Thighs? (Photos now attached)

Hi, I had my pre op today and my ps said she was only going to remove 200 cc's from both inner thighs and she said my inner thighs would STILL be touching???? The purpose of me... READ MORE

Po Suction and Gaining Fat in Other Places?

I'm very well educated when it comes to health & fitness & d only way of gaining weight is more calories in than out. I know that lipo does not make you gain weight BUT... READ MORE

Water Retention Before Lipo?

I'm retaining water because I'm 3 days away from my period BUT I'm having lipo on my inner thighs in 2 days. Will having lipo done while retaining fluid mess up the end result? READ MORE

Inner Thigh Lipo Revision (Smart Lipo Triplex)? (photo)

Hi, I'm 21days post op inner thigh lipo so I know it's WAAAYYY to early to think about a revision but I would still like another "surgical eye" on if a revision can be done to... READ MORE

Inner Thigh Lipo Along Muscle Line?

A patient on that site mentioned that she had had inner thigh lipo along her muscle lines along with some other procedures. Is it a better outcome (smaller, less bulky legs... READ MORE

Miradry Different Levels?

So I contacted the only place that offers miradry in Washington DC so see how which levels they use after reading reviews on some patients that has had it done. The lady I... READ MORE

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Vertical Scar Breast Reduction Technique for African American Women in Washington DC?

What kind of results can I get with 36FF breast using vertical scar breast reduction technique. im african american and I haven't seen A LOT of before/after pictures of... READ MORE

Miradry - Hyperhidrosis...anyone Tried It? If So, Did It Work?

Hi, I have suffered from hyperhidrosis since the age of 13 and I'm now 32. I have used every anti perspirant out there that's supposed the treat this condition, botox... READ MORE

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Hi, I'm curious at to how the Miradry treatment has held up for you since this post was 2 yeas ago. From one Hyperhidrosis sufferer to another... READ COMMENT

Well I might look into thya because I DEFINITELY know what it means to suffer from Hyperhidrosis. I've had it since the age of 13. I have tried some products from Kleinerts which is q company that specializes in shirt, pads etc for... READ COMMENT

Are you rep for the company because it's seems like you've copied and pasted the same comments on any post that is sweat related. I don't know if I'm liking that....IF that's the case READ COMMENT

I cannot wait to see you results. I'm in the dmv area and I'm still shopping for surgeons. I'm currently a 36H and I can't wait to go under the knife and shrink these puppies.. Good luck tomorrow. Everthing will be just fine :) READ COMMENT

Wow...you only paid $2000...... I've been quoted $ 7000 her in md. I'm going to have to look into your dr.:) .... hows the healing going? any updated pics READ COMMENT