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Puffiness under eyes after fillers in cheeks

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both cheek so not much , but now have a massive bag under the corner on my left eye , it looks AWFULL the doctor told me it was water retention I have never suffer from puffy eyes in my life and now look awful , she told me that putting some hyaluronic... READ MORE

Questions from Z01

Can Fluid Pocket Under the Eye from Boletero Injection into the Cheek Be Corrected?

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both cheek so not much , but now have a massive bag under the corner on my left eye , it looks AWFULL the doctor told me it was water... READ MORE

I Am Having Triactive Radio Frequancy on my Face After Fillers Left Water Retention Under the Eyes?

Can you please tell me if the Triactive Radio Frequency is safe to use around the eyes and cheeks after i had filers in my cheeks which left water retention under my eyes? I... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Triactive Radio Frequency? Does It Work for Under Eyes Water Retention Bags?

Had fillers in my cheeks which left me with bags under my eyes i do not want to have it dissolves due to the risk but my doctor suggest i have 6 session of Radio Frequency to... READ MORE

Belotero Was Injected over 5 Months Ago Onto my Cheeks and I Am Still Swollen Under my Eyes? (photo)

Over months ago i had 1/2 syringe injected of Belotero into my cheeks it was done with a Cannula and i still have, what looks like edema or water retention , it looks worse in... READ MORE

Side Effect of the DEKA TriActive + Radiofrequency?

I had 6 session of DEKA TriActive + under my eyes & the face & now have dents & creypey skin on my cheeks & under the eyes,My last one was nearly 8 months ago... READ MORE

What are the risks of Deka Triactive + Radio Frequency for the face

Can someone please tell me how long Rf work after being burned ? My face have all sort of indentation from fat loss and my skin has become like a dry prune , please can a... READ MORE

White pigmentation after Radio Frequency Deka TriActive +

Since having the RF , i have fat loss, indentation on my cheeks , under my nose and chin etc Would a peel be safe now or should i still have to wait ? Also i am very worried in... READ MORE

HELP! What should I do after Radio frequency damaged my face? (Photo)

I had 6 Radio Frequency 15 months ago to help with puffiness after fillers done a couple of weeks prior. Unfortunately this has left me with orange peel skin, fat atrophy and... READ MORE

Radio Frequency - Face is still Itching 18 months after my last session. Why?

I had 6 sessions of RF which left me with indentations on my cheeks, above the mouth , chin, basically every the RF has been , my skin was itching everyday single days . It is... READ MORE

Radio Frequency has left me with fat loss and Indentation. How can I fill the dent/loss? (Photo)

Can i please get advise from a Dr , i had RadioFrequency over filers 18 months ago , i have now lost so much fat on my cheeks, under my nose and chin , the loss left... READ MORE

Fat Loss after RadioFrequency. Can you recommend a safe and accurate treatment to fill the dents in my cheeks? (Photo)

After 6 radio frequency i have very deep dents in my cheeks and on the chin , please see photo one of my cheek have those big dents now, can this been filled . I tried Fillers... READ MORE

Fat Transfer around the nose and chin area - how safe is it? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of fat on my cheeks , all around the mouth and the chin after radio frequency. This make my face look long and when i smile very odd which is very distressing... READ MORE

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Thank you guys , it was just an assistant they really messed me up , i fell am just surviving not living , i don't like what i have become , this is the worse thing that has happened in my life . MY face not only is getting small and... READ COMMENT

My experience with Belotero has also been an nightmare, I had Belotero in December 2012 at the top of my cheeks in Tunbridge wells England , like a lots of people I ended up with ademas under my eyes especially the left one,... READ COMMENT

I had Radio frequency and the machine was also brand new , the doctor told me they were absolutely no side effect ( BIG FAT LIE) and she let a 18 years old practitioners doing the treatment , she had an afternoon training course and... READ COMMENT

I think telling your story all around you so people know the truth about the clinic, dermatologies etc.. who did that . Twitter, Facebook, reviews , word to mouth ect... this will hurt the company more then a few pennies . Once you have... READ COMMENT

I too had Belotero in my cheeks 18 months ago, this was done by cannula, i was lied about the product , when i asked about the product the Doctor told me they use the best products so i trusted her, that was my first big mistake .... READ COMMENT