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Love my Nearly Perfect Nose - Seoul, South Korea

I always had a flat nose bridge so got a nose job in Korea but the first PS shaved down my bridge prior to inserting silicone on it. He said it was to hold the silicone insert better. It didn't look unnatural but it didn't help make it look better. Second surgery Dr. Kim tried to... READ MORE

Love Botox! - San Francisco, CA

I started getting botox treatments maybe 5 years ago, I haven't really kept with maintenance of it every year. I'd say I get it done conservatively every 8-10 months but realistically every 5-6 months is how long it lasts. After 4 months forehead movements are more malleable. I also don't... READ MORE

At Home 2mm Dermaroller Every 2-4 Weeks for Past 6 Months

I've done at home dermaroller for the past 6 months, rolling moderately firm pressure (some pinpoints of blood and definite popping sound on forehead) every 2-4 weeks with a 2mm roller 560 needles (I think). At first, right after rolling, my skin was bright red (I have fair east Asian skin)... READ MORE

30's East Asian Fair Skin with Light Freckling. San Francisco, CA

I love sublative lasers! I haven't tried Fraxel yet, but Angelina Jolie gets those done and she looks amazing for her age so I'll be looking into that as well. I heard Thermage results were varied with fat loss and other scary results so I'll stay away from Thermage. Back to sublative,... READ MORE