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Not funny but funny...this the line I said I would use if anyone ever asked me about my scars, I would just say I had a bad ear surgery job. Too embarrassing to tell the truth. I do have a good plastic surgeon who will work to get rid... READ COMMENT

At this point my method of research does not matter and my advise to anyone considering this, do yourselves a favor and seek out a,qualified plastic surgeon. To those of you who were lucky enough to get good results that's great, but... READ COMMENT

You are completely right, they admitted to me, that the results I got were typical. Thieves totally unacceptable and immoral. The people commenting on how it's not that bad, if I were to post photos of what happened to me they would... READ COMMENT

Response to you're comment about the Dallas Center...those people are horrible, this is all a scam, but I do't completely blame them, I do take responsibility for the disaterous results I received at the hands of these monsters...I am... READ COMMENT