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Well day 10! still a bit black and blue and swelled. my right eye is numb and itchie and my eye lashes are very sparsh. did this happen to any one else!! getting nervous.. READ COMMENT

I promise u it does get better.. The first couple of days I was like my god what have I done, but each day you will improve.. I just have alot of yellowing now, still gross,but better!! READ COMMENT

Doing much better today. (Day5) Swelling going down and more bruising going away. Heading out for a bit today, wearing sun glasses. Eyes feel a lot more comfortable today. Stiches out tomorrow and oh I can not wait, because they are... READ COMMENT

I had mine done on June 15th 2012. Today is day 3. Still very swelled and black and blue now turning to yellow. Really looks gross. Going to have my stiches out Thurs. Hoping tomorrow will be less swollen and less color. Doc. said at... READ COMMENT