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Dr Eric Joseph is Honest and an Artist - West Orange, NJ

I am almost 50. i went to Dr Joseph for Silikon 1000 in my face. I have great skin but I see minor flaws in my face (just like everyone else does on this site) Instead of taking my money, Dr Joseph sent me home and told me to "age a bit first" and then return. He did however do my hands for me... READ MORE

Questions from beth5062

Drains After Tt?

Im having a tt-mostly just for loose skin aboube belly button-my stom already flat. do I really need a pain pump and drains? READ MORE

Tt or Skin Revision?

For just some loose skin above belly button-can I have a skin excision instead of a full tt? READ MORE

Is There Any Reason Why a Cathether is Left in After Surgery?

I am having a tt in 1 week. Is there any reason why my cath would not be removed before I wake up? I never had bladder issues after gen anesth. and I would much rather wet my... READ MORE

Saline Vs Silicone-re Size-capsular Contracture?

Is it true that you need to go at least 100 cc's bigger when switching from saline to silicone implants in order to get the same projection? also-which type is better for... READ MORE

Does above or below muscle placement of implants matter in avoiding a repeat episode of capsular contracture?

Does placement of breast implants matter when trying to avoid a repeat episode of capsular contracture? READ MORE

Tt Binder Ripping my Skin off?

Why is my tum tuck binder ripping my skin off? Im treating it with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin-do you think it will heal without scarring? READ MORE

Drainage Tube Pain?

Does it hurt to have tummy tuck drainage tubes removed? Please answer quickly-I am going tomorrow. Thank you! READ MORE

Help on Swelling?

I looked great right after my tt (2 wks ago) but now I am more swollen and mis-shapen-also where I had lipo on this normal? READ MORE

Can You Please Address This Issue for Me?

I had an implant exchange and total cap removal on my right breast due to a cap con. My left one didnt have prior cap con but my ps still replaced that implant too. I switched... READ MORE

Uneven Following Capsulectomy on Right-implant Exchange on Both?

Following a complete capsulectomy (for cap con) on my right breast, it is softer and lower than my left. As the capsule forms, will that lift and define my rt breast a bit? I... READ MORE

Will my Right Side Look More Even As I Heal or Will I Need Revision Surgery? (photo)

Will my right breast form a capsule and firm up eventually? This pic is 3 weeks following a capsulectomy on the right and an implant exchange on both breasts from saline 450 to... READ MORE

Tingly Stabbing Pain in Breast?

I recently had a capsulectomy and implant replacement in my right breast. I am having some intermittent stabbing-tingly pains now 3 wks post op. Is this normal? I am also... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Last After Tt and Lipo and when Can I Start to Do Sit Ups?

Go long does swelling last after tt and lipo and when can i start to do sit-ups/ READ MORE

Is This Swelling Normal?

I am tummy tuck post op almost 6wks. I have a 3 inch wide band of swelling that developed right above and on my scar. It looks like a long raised rectangle of swelling. I have... READ MORE

Cellulaze for a Smaller Amount of Cellulite Question?

I am 47-at my right weight (113 at 5'2")-I workout-eat clean-and I still have cellulite on my back-front-side of thighs (thank you Mom). My Q is: does cellulaze REALLY help? I... READ MORE

Revision Surgery For Uneven Results? (photo)

This is a follow up to my uneven result in December and I decided to put internal sutures in my right breast to have it match better to my left breast. I had a capsulectomy on... READ MORE

Should I Have a Breast Lift? (photo)

These are pics exactly 3 months after my tummy tuck and a few breast surgeries. I had a capsulectomy on my rt breast-an implant exchange on both-from 450 saline to 600 silikon... READ MORE

Will Losing 10 Lbs Mess Up Tummy Tuck Results?

I recently had a tummy tuck and implant exchange/breast revision. I was about 6 lbs over my "best" weight for my frame going into surgery and gained 4 more from eating too many... READ MORE

Will I get good results from a thigh lift with only a bit of loose skin?

I am looking into thigh lift surgery-is it worth it for just some loose skin? it really bothers me-have you seen good results when there is not a ton of skin to excise? READ MORE

Recent comments from beth5062

I meant to say full CAPSULECTOMY not on painlikkers now and being sloppy.... READ COMMENT

The reason I just did the right was bec thats where i had a full capsulotomy and did implant exchange on both. My left one is round and perky and my right was loose and droopy. Maybe he should have just done both-but it was done to make... READ COMMENT

Hi-did your internal stitches give you more lift? Im having revision tomorrow morning!! READ COMMENT

Im having internal stitches done tomorrow on my right boob which is falling too low because I had a capsulectomy. Are you happy with your internal stitches? did it give you some lift? I dont want a full breast lift but im uneven now-so... READ COMMENT

A 590 in silicone is not huge. I am much smaller and shorter than you-I have 600 hp round silicone implants and they dont look too big. READ COMMENT