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Reviews by MandoLynn

Waste of Money - Worcester, MA

I had ultherapy done two years ago and I never noticed any change except to my bank account. And it hurt like hell. I was 48 yrs old and have a little loose skin under my chin. The sagging of the faces they use in the pictures for their marketing was worse than mine so I thought that it... READ MORE

Been Thinking About Doing This for over Ten Years! - Boston, MA

This website and all the positive reviews has encouraged me to finally set up a consultation. I am currently about a 34DD/36D and want to go as low as a B. I was a B cup until I had kids then when I lost weight afterwards I was a C. Now I am 50 and hate how big they are. I get rashes all the... READ MORE

Questions from MandoLynn

If I am a candidate for either the lollipop or the anchor technique how do I decide? (photo)

In which way would each affect the final look of the breasts other than the obvious difference in scar patterns? I am trying to figure out which one to go with. I am a D/DD cup... READ MORE

How do the different techniques of the anchor procedure and the lollipop procedure affect the final appearance of the breast?

Other than the obvious difference is scar pattern, what physical characteristics can be achieved or not achieved with the two different techniques. Is one better at centering... READ MORE

Will insurance cover my breast reduction if the surgeon cannot take about the required amount of tissue?

My PS is submitting for insurance coverage but she is not sure that she will actually be removing the required amount they want although she thinks she really won't know until... READ MORE

I have porcelain veneers that are over 12 years old. Should I switch to crowns to replace my porcelain veneers? (photo)

My ins. co. won't pay to replace them with veneers but will pay $1800 towards crowns per year. My dentist can do 4 in Dec. and 2 in Jan. so that $3600 is paid by insurance and... READ MORE

Are the use of areolatomes common practice for a breast reduction? (photo)

I have seen many after pictures with some pretty misshaped nipples. Do some surgeons attempt to make a circular nipple free-hand? READ MORE

Tear trough and bruising with restylane, is this normal? (photo)

How often have you had this happen to a patient after restylane under the eye. This bruise took 6 weeks to go away. I don't make it public knowledge that I get restylane done... READ MORE

Breast reduction 6 wks ago. What is the cause of this pain and pulling sensation? (Photo)

I had a small vertical incision BR six weeks ago and my right breast which was the smallest before and still is now causes me pain underneath and radiates down toward my... READ MORE

Discussions started by MandoLynn

How many PS's did you consult with?

I am curious as to how many PS's everyone consulted with before they decided who would do their surgery and what made them decide on the PS they went with.Was is cost,... READ MORE

Recent comments from MandoLynn

Exactly. That is why breasts can be enlarged with implants, which, by the way, many end up taking them out when they realize they are causing back aches and other problems. Breast reduction surgery is supposed to do the same for us so... READ COMMENT

This is the dilemma that is faced by anyone who didn't get small enough. Do I want to go through the surgery and recovery again having the pain and disruption of my life. My insurance covered the first surgery so now who pays for it... READ COMMENT

She said that about 400gm is the limit for a lollipop. She took 300gm from one side and 280gm from the other so she still had plenty to remove not that even that much was needed to get me to the size I wanted to be. I also told her... READ COMMENT

So says the MALE doctor who is probably projecting his personal preference on to his patient. My doctor is female and a she is a runner so you would think she would be more understanding of wanting to be smaller. READ COMMENT

Read my review. I am happy I had the surgery because they are better than before BUT I am still not happy that I was not reduced to the size I wanted to be. I have my 6 month follow up in two weeks and my PS is going to hear me tell... READ COMMENT