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2 Treatments So Far and Happy! - Australia

I had one treatment 2 months ago for stretch marks on my bum/hips and self mutilation scarring on my arms. I have noticed a significant flattening and shrinking of the scars after the first treatment! Just had my second 2 days ago. I must say it hurts a bit in the bum area and being summer here,... READ MORE

Juviderm, Natural and Long Lasting - Australia

I have had the Juviderm injections twice in the past few years. I currently have none in my lips now. I had 0.8 mls both times. In my experience it lasted a lot longer than 6 months. Almost a year. The first few months they are at their biggest and plumpest. The procedure itself hurt but it was... READ MORE

So Far I Love It! - Perth, Australia, AU

So I had dysport almost 5 days ago. Equivalent to 10 botox units in the forehead, 25 dysport units I think it was. This is to treat horizontal forehead lines and the serious tension I have in my face. I am 24 years old but the lines are very noticeable. I wake up during the middle of the night... READ MORE

Questions from icetigera

Will Botox Be Suitable for Me? I Am 24 Years Old with Forehead Lines and Don't Want to Look 'Frozen'.

I have had TMJ for years, chronic jaw clenching during the night. I noticed my forehead also feels very tight and sore when I wake up! I think I am clenching my forehead too.... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid use Pre Botox?

I am really excited I am finally going to get botox on Monday so thank you all to the practitioners who responded to my question :). I have been using Glycolic Acid once per... READ MORE

Could I have a possible allergy to dysport?

2 weeks ago was my second time receiving dysport injections to Frontalis. Within an hour my eyes and face started to swell and itch. I didn't think much of it, assumed it was... READ MORE

Is Povidone an inactive ingredient in Dysport?

Thank you to all the doctors who replied RE my worries about a possible Dysport allergy.I have found out I am allergic to 'Povidone'. A tablet binding ingredient in... READ MORE

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I got a hair cut/shampoo about hour after having dysport to forehead!

She only did some scalp massage. and I didn't have a blow dry at the end. Has anyone else done this. Should be okay right! I think I will but paranoid. had 25 units dy READ MORE

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Thanks :) It hasn't migrated!! But ever since I have itchy swollen face and eyes :(!! READ COMMENT

Wow looks incredible. I too really want rhinoplasty. I am so nervous though that if something goes wrong it's stuck on my face :(. READ COMMENT

I had no bad reaction and I am soo sensitive and allergic to everything from laundry detergant to chlorine in the shower. I'm sure you'll be fine :) and be patient with the cream. It can also take 2 weeks for the full effect of the... READ COMMENT

Go and get some good skin creams! Hylarounic acid, vitamin A, Glycolic acid etc. It WILL come back to normal. Are the red bumps in your lower eyelids, like blepharitis? Because that could be dry eyes. Did the doctor check all your... READ COMMENT

I am sorry to hear about your bad experienced1 Who did your Dysport? Maybe they were poorly trained or it could have been a fake product (it is meant to be a refined version of the toxin)! I would exercise alot and go and sit in the... READ COMMENT