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I Had Hyluronidase to Dissolve the Juvederm in my Lips, 10 Days Later Lips are Still Swollen, Normal?

Hi I had Hyluronidase to dissolve Juvederm I had in the lip line of my top lip a year ago. I have notice that the body of my top lip look deflated more then before I had filler... READ MORE

Had Hyalurodase in my Top Lip, How Can I Correct Indentations and Elasticity Loss That Followed?

I had Hyalurondase to remove filler in my top lip line, It has reuined my lips I have indents in the place where the filler once was, and the skin above my top lip as shagged.... READ MORE

I Had Hyluronidase to Dissolve the Juvederm in my Lips and Resulted in Stretched Skin?

Hi I had Hyluronidase 9 months ago to dissolve the rest of the Juvederm ultra 3 I had in my lips done 12 months prior. I noticed the skin has stretched and elasticity not the... READ MORE