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Fraxel and IPL- Best Procedures Available! -Melbourne, Australia

Over the years I have explored many techniques for 'rewinding' time. Fraxel in the right hands, using the best unit, is BRILLIANT as is IPL. I am in my 60s and my skin tends to be sensitive. Nevertheless both Fraxel and IPL work brilliantly for me. Therapists have guessed my age to be late... READ MORE

Questions from Madelaine

Lipolite to Regain an Angular Jawline and Neck?.

Would lipolite be suitable for address the sagging jaw line and neck looseness that comes with age? I am 60 and not overweight. What is involved in the recovery? Is a pressure... READ MORE

Does the Diamond Medilift Work? If So What Happens if You Have Botox As They Do the Opposite of One Another?

Does the diamond medilift work at all? What happens if you also want botox. Do they cancel one another out? READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner, How Long Til the Swelling Goes Away?

I am considering having permanent eyeliner tattooed. How long after the procedure before the eyes no longer look 'battered' and swollen? READ MORE

My Therapist Wants to Do Skin Needling Immediately Followed by IPL. Is This Reasonable?

Alarm bells are ringing because my skin therapist wants to do clinic grade skin needling followed immediately by an IPL treatment? Surely this is not advisable?? READ MORE

Botox and Crows Feet?

I am really pleased with the Botox treatments I get. However, I look like Jack Nicholson's character, the Joker in Batman when I smile. I have just worked out it's because I... READ MORE

Crows Feet and Botox?

I feel that Botox that has been injected into the lower crows feet region gives me an unnatural, weird smile. My smile Instead moving along the face and petering out at the... READ MORE

What's Best for Anti Aging That Does Not Involve Surgery?

If plastic surgery is out of the question what are the best alternatives for a 60 year old? Fillers I hate, botox I love, Vit A is a must, Vit C makes me red, IPL is fantastic,... READ MORE

Trentinoin Worse for Redness if I Have Broken Capillaries and Rosacea?

I have some broken capillaries and roseacea. For some years I have used a weak strength of Trentinoin cream nightly. I see the benefits in terms of skin texture but I worry... READ MORE

Calcified Facial Milia?

I have what I believe is Osteoma Cutis, unsightly, hard, little pimples that don't pop because they are anchored under the skin and are calcified. Some years ago a... READ MORE

Can You Tell Me About the 'Hollywood Non Surgical Facelift' or Diamond Medilift Facial?

I have embarked upon a series of 6 Diamond Medilift Facials and after the second session I see an improvement. So far I have observed improvement in skin texture, some... READ MORE

I Am Going to Have a Lower Face Lift. Would Having a Fraxel Treatment a Month Before Improve Healing - More Collagen Etc?

I am going to have a lower face lift. Would having a full face fraxel treatment a month before surgery leave my skin more robust at the time of surgery so healing is improved?... READ MORE

My Niece Has Adult Acne and is Trying to Get Pregnant. Would Laser Treatment Be Helpful for Her?

My niece has tried everything over the counter to rid herself of her adult onset acne. She is 26. The acne is around her chin and forehead. As she is trying to get pregnant... READ MORE

Can You Advise the Best Way to Prepare for and Recover from Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

Other than no nicotine, anti inflammatory medication and vitamin E can you advise as to the best strategies to employ for BEFORE AND AFTER cosmetic surgery? Supplements?... READ MORE

2 Pockets of Soft Skin Under Chin Either Side of the Center After Neck Lift

I am 2 weeks post neck lift and a fit 61 year old. Under my chin and either side of the center there is a pocket of soft skin. I realize it is early days however I am fearful... READ MORE

Can I Have a Fraxel Treatment on my Face Only 4 Weeks After Neck Lift? OR.. Can FRAXEL on the Neck/chin Area Speed Recovery?

Can I have a FRAXEL treatment on my face only, 4 weeks after a NECK LIFT? I have had 3 fraxel treatments in the past and have found they improve my skin quality enormously. On... READ MORE

Fraxel and IPL Sessions to Achieve Best Results?

I had a Fraxel treatment 4 days ago and I have healed well. The facial rejuvenation is obvious, wonderful and I am thrilled! I have Vouchers for 2 more Fraxel treatments and 3... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Upper Bleph Crepe Skin Gone but Overhang Mainly Around Inner Corner, Revision Options?

I am 60 and had upper bleph surg 8 wks ago. With aging my deep socket line had become less defined and the skin on the lid became crepe. Surgery corrected the 'raggy' texture... READ MORE

Fragile Skin Under Eye, Inter Crossing Net of Lines, Besides Injectables Any Suggestions?

The skin beneath my eyes has become very lined with what looks like fine, interlocking webbing. Besides injectables any suggestions? READ MORE

Burning Sensation at Site of Liposuction Which Was Done 20 Years Ago?

25 years ago I had liposuction on my outer thighs. Over the years I have slowly gained weight. When I put pressure around the area, like sitting or at times when fabric brushes... READ MORE

How often should you have a fraxel and IPL treatment?

I am in my early 60s. Over the last 2 years I have had about 5 fraxel treatments and at suitable intervals either side of the fraxel I have had some IPL treatments as well. Is... READ MORE

Does IPL diminish the effects of Botox?

My therapist would not perform IPL on my FOREHEAD today. She said IPL would DIMINISH the effectiveness of the BOTOX that was injected a month before. I challenged her on this... READ MORE

IPL, are there any differences amongst the machines?

I have had IPL for reducing redness, sun damage, wrinkles plus improving skin texture and tone. Sometimes the results are sensational yet other times I see very little... READ MORE

Is the type of hand piece used during Fraxel 1540 for rejuvenation relevent?

1540 Fraxel . Does the hand piece contribute to the success at all? Two days ago I had a treatment. The hand piece was what looked like a microphone with a flat top. When... READ MORE

Fraxel - which type for rejuvenation for mature skin?? I had the Palomar 1540 with a 50-15 setting.

There are SO many fraxel options and settings can you tell me which is the most suited to rejuvenating mature skin?? Is Palomar 1540 with a 50-15 setting suitable? I am in my... READ MORE

Diffuse redness, broken capillaries mild roseacea, what frequencies and light waves are best for me?

Which laser is best suited to address redness and roseacea? The following have been recommended. Gemini, Excel and Limelight. Different practises, different machines,... READ MORE

Which treatment for redness, capillaries and mild roseacea?

So far I have been advised by different practitioners that the following is best for me! Laserscope LYRA ND: YAG, Excel, Fractora, V Beam, Gemini and Limelight. Prices range... READ MORE

Does Ultherapy work?

I am 62 and have good skin. I have been advised that Ultherapy can tighten the jawline and lift the forehead. Obviously nothing can replace the knife and Ultherapy is expensive... READ MORE

IPL lasers; Do they function like a battery, slowly running down, or a domestic light globe, effective until they stop?

With so many types of lasers and light therapies available at so many locations, I am curious to know if the mechanism/globe (or whatever it is that drives the equipment)... READ MORE

Calciotis cutis, a misery. Why do I have it? How can I reduce it?

I have been diagnosed with Calciotis Cutis on my face, mainly on my cheeks. As you are aware, these are tiny milia like spots that are calcified (ANCHORED BONE!!) beneath the... READ MORE

Broken capillaries much worse &more have appeared weeks after laser treatment. Vessels traced with beam. Any suggestion?

Four weeks ago I had laser treatment on my cheeks for broken capillaries. To my horror several more vessels began to appear in the days and weeks following the session. They... READ MORE

A patch left after IPL.

I had IPL for broken capillaries. My last treatment left me with a round, darkened patch on my cheek that is over an inch in circumference The patch is outlined by a border.... READ MORE

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cosmetic tattoo

I am considering permanent eyeliner.  How long before the eyes are no longer 'battered' looking and swollen??    READ MORE

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Thanks for the update. It must have been a year from HELL!!! I hope 2015 is a little, no a LOT kinder.. READ COMMENT

Greatly appreciate the time, effort and photos you put into sharing your experiences. Thank you. Thank you thank you!!! Ultherapy is a costly procedure so it is important to know the facts not just the hype. READ COMMENT

OMG, you poor sausage. Are you ok now? It will settle, but by the look of you it will take at least a month. Are you on antibiotics? I think you need to take yourself to a dermatologist. Probably the name of the doctor so others... READ COMMENT

Forgot to mention the no smoking bit. But I bet you already knew that. And, re the vitamin c I mentioned, only use it in the powdered form so it must be mixed into a liquid by you. Vitamin C deteriorates quickly when added to a... READ COMMENT

Oh you are more than welcome! :) Also, apply vitamin A nightly vitamin c in the morning, keep out of the sun, drink plenty of water and exercise. M. READ COMMENT