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Double Bubble Fixed with Fat Transfer - Bulgaria

I had severe double bubble under my left breast. Actually i asked a question here about whether or not it can be corrected with fat transfer, and most surgeons said no, which disheartened me, but i tried anyway, and it worked perfect. The proof that not always what a surgeon says corresponds... READ MORE

Questions from Moniqueccc

Do I Have Double Bubble and How Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

Hello, i had a second breast surgery with 600 cc Mc Ghan implants to correct sagging breasts. It seems the dr placed the implants too low to correct the sagging appearance ,... READ MORE

Can the Double Bubble Look Be Corrected Temporarily with Fat Grafting? (photo)

I have double bubble on my left breast.It's not an extremely visible case but it is annoying. My dr. suggested that he can temporarily correct this with fat grafting or... READ MORE

Would Getting a Nose Job Improve the Look of my Face? Is It an Aesthetic Issue? (photo)

I know i have no serious issues with my nose, but still,do you think my nose is a bit wide and slimming it a bit would improve my features? I would like to evaluate... READ MORE

Can a Collumellar Strut Graft or Tip Grafts Widen the Alar Base?

I had surgery almost two months ago, and i had tip grafts and a collumella strut graft. I know i still have a lot of swelling, but i am noticing big improvement after steroid... READ MORE

What Could Be the Cause of a Nose Becoming Wider After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I am a woman who had rhinoplasty many months ago so healing period is over. I have no swelling at the moment whatsoever. My nose is much wider than before. i has had... READ MORE

Will my Nose Get Even Shorter in Time?

I am three months post op, and my nose looks shorter than right after the surgery, ( i had A LOT of swelling that i guess made my nose look longer) i am wondering if it will... READ MORE

Can Wideness of the Tip After Rhinoplasty Caused by Loss of Septal Support Be Reversed Back?

Can wideness and bulbousity that wasn't present before a primary rhinoplasty, but occured because of loss of tip/septal support be reversed? Can the original width of the tip... READ MORE

Can the Narrowness of my Nose Before Be Reversed? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 14 months ago. All the swelling is down (please take my word for it, no changes since more than 7 months) My nose is much wider than before. I've had an... READ MORE

Does Lengthening the Tip with a Graft Contribute to Producing a Narrower Tip?

I recently had a rhinoplasty and my nose was overshortened and widened. Does lengthening with a graft contribute to the narrowing of the tip because it helps the skin stretch?... READ MORE

Is There a Less Invasive Maneuver Than Extension Grafts to Lenghten a Slightly Shortened Nose?

My nose is slightly over shortened and it needs not more than 2 -3 mm in lengthening if not less. Is there a less risky maneuver one can use for a slightly over shortened nose... READ MORE

Hit my nose after rhinoplasty - very worried?

I had revision rhinoplasty a month and 10 days ago.However i fell and hit my nose rather hard, it bled, and it swelled up a lot 10 days post surgeon said there is no... READ MORE

Does fat injected to the lips shrink if you loose weight?

I had fat transferred to my lips over 3 years ago , and i am noticing changes - judging by photos and videos made over an year ago my lips looked much thinner and i havne't... READ MORE

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I would definitely try a fat transfer first in your case.A larger amount of fat can definitely fix a moderate double bubble like in my case. I could have gotten a lift too (with the unfortunate scars and all) but i am so happy i went... READ COMMENT

I am happy with the graft, and now im over an year post op. it looks nothing like before READ COMMENT

I'm saying this cause apparently he was the one who gave me the DB in the first place ;) READ COMMENT

His name is Ilyo Stoyanov but i believe most surgeons would be able to do that successfully...I really can't say he is "all that" READ COMMENT

I dunno, mine didnt' even look lumpy after the procedure. when laying down yes, you could see a lump where the fat is injected but when standing up it was perfectly smooth. i was surprised. READ COMMENT