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Hey Crystal, you look great! Do you really feel you don't know if it was worth it? I had mine two weeks ago and I am very happy. I do hope my tummy will get flatter though when seen from the side. I hope that is swelling which will... READ COMMENT

Tracie, congratulations, you look great! I have a tummy tuck scheduled with this dr, but I haven't met him yet. Would you recommend flying in to see him first and get a quotation or get everything done at once? Did you experience any... READ COMMENT

Hi world traveler, I have an appointment with dr Suchart at the end of March for my TT. I could do with some advice: he wants me to come in the day before and admit me then do surgery the next day. My husband thinks I should go and see... READ COMMENT

Hi world traveler, Thanks for that! I found him in the meantime and had quite a bit of email communication with him. I have seen a few of his tummy tucks and the results look very good. The thing that worried me is that he said he... READ COMMENT

Hi Davida, I completely agree with the others here! You really do look great! I don't see any difference in your body between the last two pics, and I am being honest, not just trying to be nice. You really have a good body, there is... READ COMMENT