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Had A Vertical Lift, Now One Areola Is Smaller Than the Other. What Can I Do To Make Them Even?

Had vertical lift several weeks ago areola size uneven one is much smaller what to do to stretch small areola. Also some rippling around areola despite vertical scar will that... READ MORE

Pleating After Vertical Lift, What Laser Treatment Can Address This?

Had vertical lift a month ago very disappointed of the scar going all the way to my rib and still have lots of pleating. I had a horrible benelli and thought that this was... READ MORE

Widening Areola After Converted Vertical List from Benelli, What Can Be Done?

Had vertical lift 2 months ago to correct monster benelli scar. Despite having a long vertical lift up to the beginning of my rib my areola have widened once again. What else... READ MORE

Breast Redness After Revision Vertical Lift for 2 Months, Normal? (photo)

The lower outer side of my breast has an area of redness. No inflamation doc says no infection. However, i have never heard of this. is this common after lifts. i would like to... READ MORE

Monster Revision Vertical Lift 4 Mo Ago. Any Suggestions for my Raised Keloid Scars?

Had scar revision for a monster benelli now I have a monster vertical is there any hope for my raised red widened keloid scars I cannot put silicone gets irritated and worst... READ MORE

How to Fade Darkened Vertical Lift Scar?

Had a full vertical lift to revise a horrible benelli lift.I have waited alnist two years. Horrible benelli. Disaster vertical lift.I do not want more surgery how can I fade... READ MORE

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Danskin-now-womens-seamless-sport-bras-2-pack.html. You may buy at walmart 2 for 9 dol the best. Very thin sports bra no elastic that bothers I have super open widened scars in the bottom and this is all I can use READ COMMENT

So happy for u......I'm six months post op and I am still not even near saying I'm happy with my you are doing great.... READ COMMENT

As a result of the monster benelli lift I now have a retarded areola one very large the other very small the tissue was damaged by keloids my fourth surgery also full of tension widened scars and keloid because he had taken off too much... READ COMMENT

The surgery was around the areola he cut too much and created a benelli monster lift it all openned around the areola. I had to wait 6 months and get a full lift again open huge wounds because he cut too much skin and did not proprly... READ COMMENT

:Give us an update how are you doing so far. READ COMMENT