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You may not see a difference but I see a completely different eye at the end and you haven't even stopped swelling yet! It looks great. Your eyes are going to look very sexy in another 3 months! Don't fret, you already look much... READ COMMENT

Now I am dying to know what that removed post said! I know sometimes I am a little direct and may not seem sympathetic. I am sympathetic but as I said before I am pretty proactive when it comes to solutions. READ COMMENT

If you are referring to my comment below then perhaps I am in the wrong "community". Perhaps I will just block the emails from you. I am sorry this woman is not happy with her "after brows". It is very scary to do this at all. ... READ COMMENT

Have you gone back to the doctor? What does he say? If he says nothing can be done or that you are crazy-it's fine, get a second opinion. Let us see a picture of you and we will tell you if it is that bad. Remember we haven't seen... READ COMMENT

Did I really see $187,000 as a cost? READ COMMENT