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Bright Smile

Had Bright Smile about 4 years ago. Advertised as one hour procedure, but ended up being more like two. Very uncomfortable during the entire time, with big blocks in my mouth. Worse, there was no noticeable difference in whiteness of my teeth, however there was unbelievable tooth sensitivity... READ MORE

I am now 58 - Disappointed! - Palo Alto, CA

I had an Obagi peel when I was 41 (I am now 58), for hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and other areas. Using Retin-A and Obagi products to prepare for it made my skin red, flaky, dry - it was awful to have to look so bad two months in advance of the procedure. I think they shortened the... READ MORE

Two 30+ Year Old Implants Removed Yesterday; Four Hour Surgery! - Santa Cruz, CA

I had double lumen implants; the saline ruptured a few years ago and I opted not to do surgery then. But then the inner silicone bags ruptured (had an MRI) and they needed to come out. I'd had them for over 30 years! Yesterday (Friday, May 25, 2012) was my four hour surgery (it was supposed to... READ MORE

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What kind of compression bra or sports bra should I buy? Just explanted two days ago.

Hi ~ I just explanted two days ago and the compression bra they put on me after surgery is uncomfortable and itchy. I have googled where I might be able to go buy something... READ MORE

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They might not look exactly the same as they did before you had the implants, but at your age the chances are good that your skin is resilient and you'll have a good result. It takes awhile to heal. I was not in a great amount of pain,... READ COMMENT

Hi Ljs_85, It's now two years after my last post. Both you and I were both A cups before implants, and my breasts are back to being A cup. They are misshapen (dents above nipples) and flat on top. I still fantasize from time to time... READ COMMENT

Hi Lisaroxy, My implants were double lumens (silicone inner with saline outer). The saline part of the implants ruptured years before the silicone outer ruptured. I had an MRI which showed that one of the silicone outers had ruptured,... READ COMMENT

Hi Alanna1383, I'm wishing you the very best for your surgery on March 27. I was nervous beforehand, too, and my heart goes out to you ~ sometimes I think the waiting was the hardest part! When I implanted, the incision was... READ COMMENT

Hi Alexandra33, I think it's normal to feel a little down after getting implants removed! First, let me say I hope your mood lifts soon! It's a big procedure (over 4 hours for me when I had mine out last year) as well as a big change... READ COMMENT