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It varies for each person. Mine seems to have gotten better though. I like Thera Tears, because it has no preservatives, and you can use often. I am not saying the others aren't good, but I feel better using something without preservatives. READ COMMENT

I thought the doctor who did my cataract surgery would do well with the eyelift surgery, but he did a terrible job! Do a LOT of research! READ COMMENT

That's horrible that Restasis cost that much!!! Maybe if they quit advertising so much, the cost could come down. Too many prescriptions are excessively high, and they don't need to be. Also, I always check prices of prescriptions at... READ COMMENT

Thera Tears is good too, and it has no preservatives...I am sure it shouldn't be kept too long though with no preservatives. READ COMMENT

I was lucky enough to find a good doctor within the practice, and refused to have the same doctor. I told the surgeon who corrected the botched up job, and the owner of the practice, my left eye looked like a "before" picture. Good luck... READ COMMENT