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Emvicky21 , please if u find out some procedure how to get rid of those knots, let me know? Whenever that may be? I am considering eye job or if I find some laser posibly capable of dissolving them??? I will also let u know if... READ COMMENT

Hi Steph, saw ur pics, he did very good job. I am very impressed how he did it around the ears (besides u look great!) I can't see any scars on or around ears? Only little bit in the hair? How did he do that portion? Thanks READ COMMENT

He is a very nice guy and if he wasn't like that i would've probably do something. i used to be of an good average beauty and after deforming my face to a from a mile noticable baloon work i look ugly. I regreted this milion times. I do... READ COMMENT

Guys, nobody else but me got calcifications around the eyes? i look like somebody stuck green peas around my eyes... READ COMMENT