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Yes, you were very lucky not to get any foreign body granulomas from the Sculptra. I'm still in constant pain and the only relief is when they're surgically removed. I too have dents in my face from the Kenalog (steroid) injections... READ COMMENT

Yes, I rubbed vigorously for a week and my skin was raw, but had an immediate reaction with granulomas forming during the injections. You can feel and see them, but if you've had true foreign body granulomas you'd know they're there... READ COMMENT

The last injection was over two years ago and granulomas are still forming in my face. They are extremely painful, and the steroid injections do not help. My MD said I am now in a chronic state of inflammation. The doctors I've seen... READ COMMENT

I agree, but you can still have a severe autoimmune (allergic) reaction to PLLA. That is what happened to me. Nearly died and have had more than 100 Foreign Body Granulomas surgically removed from my face. 17 surgeries to date and more... READ COMMENT

My injections (onre year ago) were also just in the nasal folds, cheeks and jaw line. Over thirty (30) foreign body granulomas were removed in the last two surgeries alone (I've had 9 to date with more needed), and am very sick. READ COMMENT