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Doctors Won't Admit to the Damage of Lasers and IPL - Tampa, FL

Dr. increased level from 18 to 19 on 2nd visit which burned me. I am now left with deep creased scars. READ MORE

Fraxel Left Me with Indents and Lines All over my Arms - Tampa, FL

Had Fraxel for about one dozen brown spots on my arms. I had burning for 5 days. Even after 1 year scars appearing still. When I went back with red welts and burning told me it was normal. Went showing damage after two weeks and told me that was normal and it would get better. It didn't... READ MORE

Scars and Burns After IPL -Tampa, FL

Two years ago I went to a doctor to have some brown spots removed. She suggested IPL and said I would need five sessions, thirty days apart. That not only would it get rid of brown spots but make my skin look 10 years younger. My sister had it done and she said it helped rid her of brown spots... READ MORE

Questions from imsorrynow2

If IPL Does Not Cause Fat Loss What are the Indents and Sinking Caused by?

Two months out have pictures that show the lines and indents. Had three treatments on the fourth turned it up caused burns close to blisters on checks. Now have orange peel... READ MORE

Do Skin Lasers Cause Fiberblast? Could This Be the Reason Some Experience Scarring After Laser Treatments?

Could an overactive immune system cause scarring after laser? Trying to find a reason why some have scarring after treatment with lasers? My scars are still appearing a year later? READ MORE

Does Retin A or Anything Topical Work for Stretch Marks?

Can Retin A be used for areas other than face, neck, and chest for wrinkles and stretch marks? READ MORE

Could LED Help with Damage Caused by Overagressive IPL Treatment One Year Ago?

Could LED Help with Damage Caused by Overagressive IPL Treatment One Year Ago? READ MORE

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Could laser/IPL be causing scarring on some people because of a reaction like fiberblast?

     Trying to find out if there may be some common link between people who are having similiar damage when having IPL and laser treatment. It does not seem that... READ MORE

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Eva, Merry Christmas to you also and a Happy New Year Imsorrynow2 READ COMMENT

Joanneinflorida I saw your pictures of your surgery and he did a great job. It seems standard practice from what I have read and seen on tv that doctors laser after surgery now. Is this the treatment after surgery you believe you had... READ COMMENT

Ttegdapnej. Maybe mine is different. What had been normal pores have now become deeper holes like someone who has had acne. On top of that in several areas below the cheekbones those enlarged holes have progressed into each other to... READ COMMENT

To anyone with pore issues due to lasers or IPL. My question the anatomy of a pore seems to be sort like a cul-de-sac. It holds a hair follicle / or oil gland so it gets wider at its base. How does removing the surface of your skin... READ COMMENT

I just want to make sure there are two Obagi. One is the original and the other is Dr Zo Obagi who left the company and created his own line? READ COMMENT