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Upper Eyelid Surgery - California

I love it. I had this done about 6wks ago(11/2/11) and I look younger and I don't look angry when I'm not smiling. I am 47yrs old and decided to get an upper eyelid surgery done when I saw a recent photo of myself. I noticed that now have hooded eyes and I looked angry when I... READ MORE

Dog Ear Revision - San Jose, CA

Years years ago I had a full TT and lipo'd my hips. However it left me with two dog ears and the hip on one side is not even with the other. I finally took care of the dog ear two weeks ago and I don't know if I'm left is dog ears or if I am swollen. It could even be excess fat that needs to... READ MORE

Questions from eagle eyes2911

How Will My Upper Eyelid Scar Heal After Surgery? (photo)

I've had an upper eyelid surgery done 6 weeks ago. My scar is healing great however there is one question that I have. When the scar flattens will it just settle into the... READ MORE

Should I Lose Weight Before Dog Ear Revision?

I had a tummy tuck about 10 years ago and love it. I have dog ears though and since my surgeon was going to charge me to correct it, I just lived with it all this time. I have... READ MORE

Dog Ear Revision Recovery Time?

I will be having a dog ear revision next week and wanted to know if I can do cardio exercise on precor machines within a couple of days after the procedure? I had a TT done 11... READ MORE

Weight gain after dog ear revision? 5 days post op.

Hello, I just had dog ear revision done 5 days ago. The stitches on my left side is about 3 inches long, and the one on my right about 1 1/2 inches long. I've gained about 3... READ MORE

Dog Ear Revision absorbable stitches?

Hello, I had dog ear revision done on both sides a week ago. They removed the bandage that was covering it today. It is elevated like a seam, not flat? She said they used... READ MORE

Dog ear revision, is this another dog ear?

I had a TT done 12 years ago and was left with two dog ears. I had dog ear revision done 10 days ago and was wondering if this is going to be another dog ear or excess fat that... READ MORE