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HI. I just read all your posts. But not the others people's comments. I had my eyes done by a laser surgeon in LA. Like you, WORST nightmare of my ENTIRE LIFE and I've had so many. I went to Loma Linda after the procedure because my... READ COMMENT

Ahhhh...the MAIN complaint is not the way the eyes look. There is the FACT that one looks bigger than the other. The problem was I could NOT shut my eyes and they were DRYING out and the surgeon could NOT be bothered to tell me to... READ COMMENT

Wow, Vickie Sue! You are looking wonderful. Glad you had the strength, foresight and ( money) to find another surgeon, who COULD do something to your appearance to make you feel more like your old self. My surgery is getting to be a... READ COMMENT

Sounds like a nightmare. I could not read your private was not available. Every day, I am glad I can EVEN see, the eyes hurt. Can't be out in sunlight. Can't drive at night. Can barely wear one contact. The beast who did... READ COMMENT

Dear Jill: There are ALWAYS attorneys who will take your money and file a complaint. Expect to pay 7-10,000.00 UP FRONT to have one drawn up and filed with the court and served on the Plastic Surgeon who did this to you. He may then... READ COMMENT