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Sounds like a nightmare. I could not read your private was not available. Every day, I am glad I can EVEN see, the eyes hurt. Can't be out in sunlight. Can't drive at night. Can barely wear one contact. The beast who did... READ COMMENT

Dear Jill: There are ALWAYS attorneys who will take your money and file a complaint. Expect to pay 7-10,000.00 UP FRONT to have one drawn up and filed with the court and served on the Plastic Surgeon who did this to you. He may then... READ COMMENT

Hmmm. I don't know any charity that feels sorry enough for people who have "cosmetic" surgery..that goes awry ...with funds to "fix it". Suing doc will usually not go well. Making doc miserable until refund? NO guarantees with revision... READ COMMENT

The American Medical Association protects all the doctors. Juries are not sympathetic to "dissatisfied" customers...unless maybe the jury pool is from Beverly Hills. One 20/20 segment on tv/Internet shows a woman who sued.. She can't... READ COMMENT

I wouldn't say the words are "kind" exactly, but I could NOT SEE For about TWO MONTHS "afterward". My eyelids would NOT close, and the eyes were DRYING OUT. COPIOUS amounts of heavy gel eye drops ( behind the counter at pharmacy, must... READ COMMENT