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Worth the Hideous Peeling Process :) - Houston, TX

I had mine done at a dermatology clinic by an RN and the application process was a breeze. Of course, the burning sensation upon application was uncomfortable but I was given a mini handheld fan to help with that. Definitely nothing unbearable plus I knew what to expect since I'd had a peel... READ MORE

33 Yrs., 4 Kids, Married, 5'4", 137 lb, 421cc Mod Plus Unders!!! - Houston, TX

Ok so I've lurked around long enough and now I'm ready to submit my own story! Let me begin by saying that all the women on this website are incredibly brave to reveal their stories and insecurities, I'm truly inspired by you all! :) I've always been small chested, though I didn't really expect... READ MORE

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Hey girl!! Thank you so much!! Yours are gorgeous too!!! Very voluminous, wow!!! A lot of the swelling will go down, I see you're a little concerned about being a bit top heavy?? Don't worry, it's way too soon to determine your final... READ COMMENT

Awesome, if it helps then it's definitely worth a shot!! :) One of mine is bigger than the other but they've always been that way, doesn't really bother me I guess!! Our bodies are unique and beautiful, what we see as flaws, someone... READ COMMENT

Don't feel discouraged!!! Your body is still recovering and nothing has reached it final "destination" yet, so to speak!!! Cheer up girl, there's still plenty of time, remember works of art don't happen overnight!!! :) hugs and more... READ COMMENT

Are you massaging yours??? I have to massage mine every 30 minutes, rather roughly too :/ but I find that it not only eases my tightness, it's helping my boobs drop!! Maybe something to consider! Ask your doc of course! :D it's still... READ COMMENT