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Reviews by sandy37

Fraxel First Treatment Review

Just had first fraxel four days's my scoop. The doctor covered my face with a freezing jel..I waited an hour and then had the treatment. Pain wasn't half as bad as I expected by reading reviews here. I'd say about 4/10. Some areas were more sensitive than others, and the closer... READ MORE

I'm 37 and didn't like the amount of wrinkles I already had. - Botox Works - Canada

I've had botox for crows feet and upper lip lines three times now.  I'm 37 and didn't like the amount of wrinkles I already had.  I love it! It works wonders on the crows feet. You have to go to a reputable doctor that has a lot of experience.  There's no down time, and results... READ MORE

Fraxel and Fraxel Dual - Ottawa, ON

Last year I had five fraxel treatments. Most of my fine lines and crows feet have disappeared. My doctor recommended I have one fraxel/year to keep up the collagen production. I just had a fraxel dual tonight. It is not as deep a tx, but will remove my dark spots and treat small wrinkles as well... READ MORE

Thermage Eye Very Painful - Ottawa

Just had it done today, so will only notice results in a few weeks/months. I did thermage eyes for hooding and droopiness. I am forty so decided I wasn't ready for surgery. I had read all the negative reviews along with some positive. After speaking with my physician decided to go ahead. I... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery -Ottawa, Ontario

Hi everyone. I am going to have my upper Bleph this Friday. I am soo nervous. Have had hooded eyes my entire life. Finally decided to do it. My surgeon is an Occuloplastic surgeon and hoping it all goes well....I will post pictures as I go along. Reading the reviews I see that there are... READ MORE

Questions from sandy37

I Am Forty and Had Thermage Eye Done Yesterday. Protective Disks Were Not Inserted for Entire Procedure. What Are the Risks?

I had thermage eye done yesterday. My physician had a difficult time inserting the protective eye disks. She had to perform the proceedure with it partially in, and even then... READ MORE