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I am now 25 - rhinoplasty - New Zealand, NZ

I remember when I was quite young my sister and I did an art project. It was a plaster cast of our faces. We sat there with straws plugged in our noses while our faces were covered in plaster. Once our casts were complete I remember noticing then that my nose stuck out longer than my sisters... READ MORE

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place - Tattoo Removal - Auckland, New Zealand

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place I found out there were actually different lasers so I did some research. The place I 1st went to apparently has a bad reputation. When I got it done at the original place my stomach and foot would swell(where the tattoos are), have heaps of blood... READ MORE

Questions from newyear44

I had Restylane 10 days ago. Is this puffiness/swelling or overfill? What should I do now? (Photo)

I had restylane under my eyes in my tear trough and hollows for the second time (first time was just in troughs and was great). I had this done 10 days ago. I had bruising... READ MORE

Restylane 2.5 weeks ago. I have puffiness, bags and maybe discolouration under my eye. What's happening? Overfill? (Photo)

I had restylane injected under my eye and I have puffiness and a line under my right eye. Whats happening? its been 2.5. weeks and nothing has changed! What should I do? I have... READ MORE

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Tips and Dealing with Telling Family & Friends About Having Rhinoplasty?

I am 25 and have wanted a different Nose ever since I was a kid.I have a surgeon who I am really happy with and have saved up the money.Problem is my family is REALLY against... READ MORE

tips / dealing with family and friends judging you

Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with family or friends who are completely against plastic surgery? I want a nose job, I am 25 have saved up enough and have done all my... READ MORE

Add your Rhinoplasty pointers and tips here

Hi,   This place is a great site for learning and sharing experiences, I thought a tip/pointers (get the joke! :p) forum would be helpful Add any thing you have found... READ MORE

What laser is the Best-esp for green and blue ink

I have done quite a few laser sessions on on a tattoo on stomach and foot. I have lost count, maybe 10 at least. My stomach faded more that my foot. The green and blue ink wont... READ MORE