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Gosh I can see a huge difference in those weightloss obviously gained muscle and lost fat. Well done!.....I have pcos and thyroid issues too and it is SO hard to lose weight ..others just have no idea how hard people with... READ COMMENT

Ah that's a handy little website I will definitely bookmark that for my next round. I have been wanting to read wheat belly for some time now. I don't eat wheat anymore...the thing that really made me stick to no wheat was that I had... READ COMMENT

Sorry for late reply, just saw your msg. Which site did you mention? I was scrolling through to find it but I seem to have forgotten about it. I highly recommend the Paleo diet as a way to eat forever. It's very sustainable, well I find... READ COMMENT

I've just finished a 40 day round of hcg and I lost 28lbs in total, I did because I am hypothyroid and losing weight the normal way was pretty much impossible and left me feeling utterly hopeless. I am now in maintenance phase and doing... READ COMMENT

For 49ys ...actually quite frankly for 35yrs you look fantastic now. Looking at your pics I would never have thought you were 49yrs. I hope for the same transformation back to a more youthful me. That is the sacrifice of children I... READ COMMENT