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Painful & Completely Useless

The surgeon's brochure said the results would be permanent. AFTER the procedure, he said I'd probably need a "booster" in 6 months. I said the brochure said it was permanent and so did he. He denied it. I showed him the brochure. He said "Oh. Well, I didn't write that, the... READ MORE

2 1/2 Face Lifts Later ...

I had my first face lift with eyelids & neck in 1990 when I was 48. The doctor is also an artist, and he made my eyes almond-shaped. Really beautiful. I was SO happy with that face lift. I've never regretted it. Also, it was done in office, in a chair. They gave me some valium or something... READ MORE

Paid $13,500 for $6000 Worth of Work

This surgeon (in Issaquah) was supposed to be one of the best in Seattle. The prep was annoying: A couple of hours before the surgery, I had to smear lidocaine cream all over my body from groin to just below the breasts, the sides of my hips, my upper sides, and around back including tops of... READ MORE

I Love It, I Love It, I Love It!

My lips were flat & looked severe and, from the side, masculine. I saw Dr. Jennifer Henderson in the Larrabee Ctr in Seattle, and asked her to make a new upper lip line about 3 mm (in the ctr, and tapering off) above my real lip line. I had had permanent lip color tattooed in, but you could... READ MORE

The Nymph Returns!

After getting lipo (being 20 lb overweight), I was unhappy with the results -- way too much fat left.  I already knew I'd probably need a tummy tuck (TT) after it, since I was 65, & told the lipo guy that, but he still didn't take enough fat off.  The lipo guy is NOT the same as... READ MORE

Don't freak out. - Addicted - Seattle, WA

Don't freak out.  The $4500 wasn't one treament.  At first we used Perlane, but it kinda hurt whenever there was pressure on it, and I can't imagine enjoying kissing with that in there.  The last time, I used Restylane.  Much better. The doctor is one of the most caring,... READ MORE