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Can the Gemini Laser Give Prolonged Redness?

I have had numerous Gemini Laser treatments to combat redness on my neck and chest area but it seems to me that it is getting worse instead of better. I was told initially I... READ MORE

Added Redness from Gemini and Fraxel Lasers- Trying To Treat Redness, Not Cause It.

I have had numerous Gemini and Fraxel laser treatments to combat redness from sun damage on my neck and decollage areas. It doesnt seem to be improving but making the condition... READ MORE

Lines from Fraxel Restore, What Can I Do?

I had Fraxel Restore done on my neck and chest approx 7 months ago and now as time goes on I am seeing all down my neck which go down to my collar bone lots and lots of fine... READ MORE

Post Laser Problems?

1yr post Gemini for Redness then the Doctor suggested Fraxel Restore for skin tone but redness is now bad & I have very fine lines all down my neck that look like scratches... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, will this lump from Dysport resolve by itself? (photos)

Had Dysport between brows & forehead 5 weeks ago. At 2 weeks a lump appeared on left eyebrow. It goes above the eyebrow and hangs down under the eyebrow. I have been back to my... READ MORE

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Heal completely? No. Still red on neck and chest. Still have lines I can see down my neck. Now I am breaking out in Seboherric Keratosis on my chest and have had a small cancer removed. But the overall texture is a lot better I use... READ COMMENT

Hi are you still using retin a and what are your thoughts on some professionals saying that retin a in the long run damages your skin and makes it thin and old looking. I can't seem to get a straight answer. My derm tells me to use it... READ COMMENT

Hi I had Fraxel done on my chest and neck. As far as improvement it still looks horrible but not as bad. It is still completely different to the rest of my skin and the only thing that helps with irritation and redness is Psoria Gold.... READ COMMENT

Isn't that interesting. Some say you can some say you can't. Who are we to believe? Now I'm getting conflicting stories between derms and other skin care people about retin a thinning the skin. I have just seen a plastic surgeon who... READ COMMENT

I'm not understanding why people are putting this under their eyes. My Derm told me to only go to where the cheek bone stops and I haven't had any issues. I also only use it twice a week. Maybe it's over use and putting it where it... READ COMMENT