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Can the Gemini Laser Give Prolonged Redness?

I have had numerous Gemini Laser treatments to combat redness on my neck and chest area but it seems to me that it is getting worse instead of better. I was told initially I... READ MORE

Added Redness from Gemini and Fraxel Lasers- Trying To Treat Redness, Not Cause It.

I have had numerous Gemini and Fraxel laser treatments to combat redness from sun damage on my neck and decollage areas. It doesnt seem to be improving but making the condition... READ MORE

Lines from Fraxel Restore, What Can I Do?

I had Fraxel Restore done on my neck and chest approx 7 months ago and now as time goes on I am seeing all down my neck which go down to my collar bone lots and lots of fine... READ MORE

Post Laser Problems?

1yr post Gemini for Redness then the Doctor suggested Fraxel Restore for skin tone but redness is now bad & I have very fine lines all down my neck that look like scratches... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, will this lump from Dysport resolve by itself? (photos)

Had Dysport between brows & forehead 5 weeks ago. At 2 weeks a lump appeared on left eyebrow. It goes above the eyebrow and hangs down under the eyebrow. I have been back to my... READ MORE

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I only use retin A twice a week. I know Retin A can be irritating but whether I use it or not my skin is red. If I don't use it my skin becomes worse I end up with acne on my chest now which I've never had acne and the texture gets... READ COMMENT

And waste of my time and my solicitors time trying to do anything about it. The health commission was very intimidating and was told I can't prove irritation and I wasn't scarred so basically they don't see what my problem is. The... READ COMMENT

Hi I didn't get hyper pigmentation just red inflamed skin. The answer to that is not really. It's not as bad but it continues to irritate and has a flushed look all of the time. I am currently using a retinaldehyde serum from a plastic... READ COMMENT

Tried to get my money back taking it through the health commission but was unsuccessful. This is what they said. You aren't scarred. You knew the risks. You are at an age where you are already married and have had children. Ok so it... READ COMMENT

Yep they will tell you they cant see them or in my case its ageing. Funny that they werent there before. Yes I am currently in proceedings with my Lawyer to try and be reimbursed thousands of dollars spent trying to fix this mess. Worst... READ COMMENT