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Be patiente it takes a while, but in a while you will be so happy as I am today! you will look so pretty and proud! I had mine one year and a half ago. READ COMMENT

Hi Majatummy! thanks for your advices, it really helps knowing from someone has gone thru the same, Drs tells you but they dont know the feelings I thinks since they just do it, not have done! u know what I mean?. so, now I know I dont... READ COMMENT

I meant to the tape over my scar to be off by itself like the DR told me! READ COMMENT

Some of you have to have the answer for me, how long after surgery is safe to have sex? I am still afraid! I had mine 32 days ago! and how long it takes to the tape and the numbing of the tummy to feel normal again? thanks READ COMMENT

Thanks for your advices and comments! I will try to be patiente, I see myself better day by day and I am looking forward to the day I can see my flat tummy! I will be posting to let you all know! thanks! READ COMMENT