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Preset to Be Used in Pixel for Deep Pitted Scars ?

What Machine setting or Preset in the Pixel Laser Machine in terms of Intensity should ideally be kept for deep pitted scars while doing the treatment. READ MORE

Can't Decide Between Fraxel and Pixel, Which is Best?

If I were to decide one between Fraxel or Pixel which one should I opt for ? READ MORE

What Preset Do I Start Fraxel with ?

I am in a place where there is no Fraxel Repair Treatment available. It is only Fraxel Restore and Pixel Laser available. If I have to decide between Fraxel Restore and Pixel... READ MORE

High Risk of Hyperpigmentation with Fraxel Restore on Indian Skin?

I have a Indian Skin, I have Deep Pitted Acne Scars. I do not have Fraxel Repair available in my city or in my country If I wish to go for the Fraxel Restore and If I start... READ MORE

Have Been Advised With Fractional C02 But Am Very Scared

I am skin type 4 and have deep acne scars on my face, I was reading so much about Fraxel-Restore as that is only available in my country and had almost made up my mind about... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 V/s Dermabrasion for Acne Scars?

I wanted to know if the results acheieved by Fractional C02 laser for treating Deep Acne scars (Rolling & Box) are the same, equally good, at par with the results achieved... READ MORE

Which is the Best Machine for Fractional CO2 ?

I wanted to know apart from Fraxel Repair which is the best machine available for Fractional CO2. I dont have Fraxel Repair available in my country, Smartxide is also not... READ MORE

Between the Smartxide 2 and Deep Fx Which is the Best for Rolling and Box Scars ?

Between the Smartxide 2 and Deep Fx which is the best for Rolling and Box Scars ? And does it also depend on the skill and experience of the Dr treating ? READ MORE

What is the Ideal Energy Level for Indian Skin with Deep Scars with Deep FX?

I have a Indian Skin, Type 4 or maybe 5 and have deep Acne Scarring (Mostly Rolling Scars and Box Scars)I know this is something that my doctor will have to decide after... READ MORE

Can DeepFX Setting of Low MJ Potentially Have a Greater Effect on Acne Scars?

I was reading this somewhere and so I wanted to know this, This is for Acne Scarring. That we can use a low mj (energy levels) but can have such a setting(Preset)in the DeepFX... READ MORE

Is 35mj Too High Preset in DeepFx ?

I wanted to know is 35mj too high a preset in the DeepFx Machine to treat Deep Acne Scars on skin type 4 and 5 ? I am thinking more Intensity levels= More Deep=Better Results,... READ MORE

Hyper-Pigmentation After Fractional CO2 on Indian Skin !

I am an Indian with Skin Type 4. I have got the DeepFx Fractional CO2 laser done on my face.It has been close to a month now but the entire area where the laser was used looks... READ MORE

Options To Treat Hyperpigmentation After DeepFx on Fair Indian Skin?

I have a fair Indian Skin.I have deep Acne scars on my cheeks. I underwent a DeepFx Laser somedays back.The preset used were 35mj with a double pass at a density of 2.I wanted... READ MORE

PIH After Fractional C02 Happens on Epidermis or Dermis ?

Hi, I wanted to know when a Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation happens after a Factional CO2 laser. is it on the Epidermis or Dermis. If it is on the Epidermis how easy it is... READ MORE

Can I Do a Chemical Peel 10 Months After Fractional CO2 Laser ?

I have a Fair Indian Skin maybe Skin Type-4. I did the Fractional C02 laser 10 Months back which left back Post Laser Hyper-Pigmentation. My entire Hyper-Pigmentation is gone... READ MORE

Pre Chemical Peel Care?

I have a Indian Skin, If I wish to undergo a AHA & PHA Chemical Peel (NOT TCA), to improve the texture and tone of my skin what are the chances of me having a... READ MORE

Doll Hairline How Do I Avoid It?

I am thinking about a Hair Transplant. The thing that worries me most is Artificial "Doll" Like Hairline. Apart from choosing a Right Hair Transplant Surgeon asn dasking him to... READ MORE

Silky Hair and Hair Transplant?

I understand if someone has extremely silky hair he is not considered a good candidate for hair transplant, as he may not get a good scalp coverage. But if lowering hairline is... READ MORE

When Hair Graft Post Transplant Does Not Grow?

I was always under the impression that once a Hair Graft is Planted in receipient area. It will grow no matter what ! But Now I have learnt there have been cases even from... READ MORE

What is the Possibility of Transplanted Har Graft Not Growing?

I have come across a case, where in the person who had a Hair Transplant done did not have his Hair Graft grow at all and it was performed by a reputed Hair Transplant Surgeon... READ MORE

Scalp Test for Hair Transplant?

If a Person has perfectly healthy scalp like no Dandruff, No Flaking etc...And if he is concerned about what if his scalp is conducive for a hair transplant meaning which can... READ MORE

What is the Maximum a Hairline Can be Lowered to in CMS?

If someone is not suffering from hairloss, has perfectly healthy hair like zero hairloss but is born naturally with a high forehead and with a very high hairline and lowering... READ MORE

Hair Transplant and Forehead Pigmentation?

I have pigmentation caused because of sun damage and later some prescription creams which made it worst. This is on my forehead and in to areas where I will have my new... READ MORE

How Many Rows of Single Hair Graft while creating a Hairline?

It is believed in creating Natural Looking Hairline during a Hair Transplant, Use of Single Hair Graft on Fine Calibre is very imprtant. But is there like a thumb rule or Hair... READ MORE

How Do I Find Out If I have Lost a Hair Graft?

Immediately after my Hair Transplant Procedure my clinic gave me a Cap to be worn and advised me not to bump into anything,unfortunately I brushed my hand slightly to the... READ MORE

How much does this Density Achieved Look Like? (photo)

I recently had a Hair Transplant I would like to know what is the Density achieved looks like from particularly the Area that I have marked in the Picture that I have attached... READ MORE

I'm 2 months post Hair Transplant and not all hair have shed ? Will this impact my final results?

I am 2 Months Post My Hair Transplant. 80% of my hair have shed, Rest have not shed, they are still hanging in there, i can't really decide very correctly but they seem to have... READ MORE

Would Radio Frequency Needling help with deep Acne Scars?

I am a fair Skinned Indian. Skin Type 4 or 5. I have deep Acne scars on my Face, I have had a Fractional CO2 laser done for it on my face with almost zero results. I would like... READ MORE

Passes and Frequency in Radio Frequency Micro Needling ?

Hi, I have a light colour Indian Skin. I have very deep Acne scars on my cheeks for which I am thinking about doing a Radio Frequency Micro Needling. Being an Indian Skin what... READ MORE

Do I have a post hyperpigmentation in the dermis?

I am a Light Colour Indian. 12 Years Back I did a Glycolic Acid peel 15% on my which gave me a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation only on my forehead. Since then my PIH has... READ MORE

Hydroquinone in Post Inflammatory HyperPigmentation! Any suggestions?

I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by a 15% Glyclolic Acid Peel it has been 12 years now and it still not gone completely, it has faded though. is Hydroquinone... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation in the Dermis and Q Switch ND YAG Laser ?

I have skin type 4 (Indian Skin) I have Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by 15% Glycolic Acid Peel over 12 years ago. My Dermatologist says it is now in the Dermis.... READ MORE

Do I have a post hyperpigmentation in the dermis?

I am a Light Colour Indian. 12 Years Back I did a Glycolic Acid peel 15% on my which gave me a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation only on my forehead. Since then my PIH has... READ MORE

Can Q Switch, ND YAG Laser to treat stubborn forehead Hyper pigmentation?

Can Q Switch ND YAG Laser used on 1064 Fluence completely knock off Forehead Hyperpigmentation caused by 25% Glycolic Acid Peels especially if it is stubborn pigmentation which... READ MORE

Any Permanent Damage in Glycolic Acid 25% Peel?

I have got a Glycolic Acid peel done in days (2003) where there was Liquid based peeling solution used versus the gel based which is available today. It was of 25% left on my... READ MORE

I'm planning to use Q Switch ND, YAG Laser for my stubborn chronic Hyperpigmentation. Any suggestions?

I am planning to do a Q SWitch ND YAG Laser 1064 nm to treat the Hyperpigmentation patches that I have on my Forehead caused by a Chemical Peel that I underwent 12 years back.... READ MORE

Can Q Switch ND YAG Laser on my Hyperpigmented area lead to further darkening of that area?

I have Hyperpigmentation on my forehead, I wanted to know if I get the Q Switch ND YAG 1064 nm Laser done on my Hyperpigmentation is there a chance of any darkening in that... READ MORE

is the Risk of Q Switch ND YAG Laser worth it?

I have a Fair Indian Skin, I have some deep dermal Hyperpigmentation on my Forehead which is not going since 12 Years. What re the chances of the condition worsening if I wish... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation versus Hyperpigmentation caused by Sun Exposure?

Is the Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by a Chemical Peel looked upon differently than a Hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure ? Will Lasers Like Q Switched ND... READ MORE

Fluence to be used on Spectra Lutronic Q Switched Machine ?

I have an Indian Skin. I am planning to undergo a session from my dermatologist on Q Switched ND YAG Laser 1064nm for the Hyperpigmentation that I have after a Glycolic Acid... READ MORE

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All Of You, Please help ! Please read and comment !

Hi Guys,If anyone here who has faced a similar position or can give some valuable input will be very much appreciated and I will be thankful for it. I am an Indian with Skin... READ MORE

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This is a Post-Operative Phenomenon in most cases it will go and it should go in 2-3 weeks time. Avoid total 100% Sun Exposure. Sun is your biggest enemy till these 3 weeks. Remember ! READ COMMENT