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Can Hyaluronidase Help W/ Swelling 11 Months Post Sculptra Trtment Under Eyes? (photo)

47 yr old, model @ Sculptra RN training by plastic surgeon who wanted to inject along the lower orbital bone. I hesitate, is that appropriate since Sculptra is not indicated... READ MORE

What to Do to Fix Persistent Swelling from Sculptra Placed Along Orbital Rim 1 Year Ago?

I understand Sculptra and its effects, that it is different than other fillers. MD who injected Sculptra is board certified plastic surgeon & senior trainer for the product... READ MORE

Stubborn, Residual Swelling Under Eyes 2 Yrs Post Sculptra Treatment? (photo)

I was a model for a Sculptra demo. Board cert MD w/ yrs of exp. He wanted to inject under my eyes, I hesitated & asked, is it OK since it is not indicated for use there? He... READ MORE

IPL for rosacea? Will it work, or should I try a pulsed dye laser treatment?

I suffer from mild rosacea on my cheeks. Mild erythema, mild telangiectasia, a few small papules. Are IPL treatments with GSD3000 something that will work, or should I try a... READ MORE