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I Can See a Good 85% Improvement - New York

I had acne for about 4 years (High school yrs :( .Accutane took care of this in 10 month-I wish my doctor prescribed it earlier-However, I was left with 3 scars on my left cheek and I never even knew that plastic surgeons could do anything about them.[0.7 cm hypopigmented & indented... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Old Forehead Scar Revision - Vancouver, BC

I have this procedure done today. Dr. Bunonassisi was very nice . The meeting was very informative. He answered all my questions and I have made this decision to get rid of this 25 year old-scar. I have this scar because of an accident while driving a bicycle during my childhood. Dr.... READ MORE

Questions from disneylion

Scar Removal for Pox Scars

Do you think pox scar excision followed by dermabrasion and finally hair transplantation over the scar will make it really difficult to be noticed? READ MORE

Hiding Scar Through Hair Transplant?

How long do I have to wait before I can get hair transplant over a recently excised 0.6 cm pox scar in my cheek, in an attempt to cover the scar? READ MORE

Lumineers Vs Veneers

When would you recommend lumineers instead of veneers? What factors are considered? READ MORE

Dark Line on Veneers

Why do I have dark line between my veneers 2 years after I had them done? READ MORE

Limitations of Hair Transplant?

I have a 2 cm. linear scar within my beard as a result of a mole removal I had last year. Can I get hair transplant over this type of scar? Does the transplanted hair suvive... READ MORE

Lumineers for Small Tooth Gap and Whitening?

I have straight teeth with a small gap right in the middle upper two teeth and I am looking for 1.long term whitening 2.nice look. What do you recommend? READ MORE

Are Dermabrasion Results Really Depth-dependent?

Do superfacial or very mildly depressed scars (acne-pox) respond better than deeper ones? READ MORE

Problem Sequence with Lumineers?

I am really interested in getting Lumineers and I have been talking to my friends and other people who had them done. It seems that most of them are happy for some time and... READ MORE

Questions to Ask Before Getting Lumineers

What questions should I ask my dentist before I get Lumineers? READ MORE

What is the best treatment [with as little scarring as possible] for two slightly raised moles on my left chest? (Photo)

What is the best treatment[ with as Little scarring as possible] for two slightly raised moles on my left chest? I Was told laser surgery provides superior results but I wanted... READ MORE

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Hi sorry for the late reply , yes the original one was small but I just hated it.. I am not sure about how this is going to end up , My doctor told me revised scars have to be longer than original scars! READ COMMENT

I agree. The healing process is annoying and stressful. READ COMMENT

Hi, I did ask Dr Buonassisi about laser to lessen the redness/speed up healing but due to my slightly darker complexion,this is not an option. READ COMMENT

I am applying the silicon sheets all the time , I have no problem going to work like this :) , I do notice the changes, I just wish I can do something to speed the healing other than being patient :) READ COMMENT

Thank you Dr Dr. Buonassisi. I am happy so far and I will be patient until final results, your staff have been awesome ! READ COMMENT