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This article must not be ignored - and should at least be used to ask deep questions about the standards of the facility , the staff and the surgeon's certifications. http://bigstory.ap... READ COMMENT

Some advise from the husband of a Mommy Makeover wife who had her surgury out-of-county. A question to ask each of the potential surgeons you are considering is: "After I return to my home to finish my post-drain removal recovery, how... READ COMMENT

Good plan! Glad you found a place that will be certain to give you an ocean/beach view. After the Dr has released you with your pain meds and your drain care instructions, it will be nice to sit in your room and stare at the stunning... READ COMMENT

Glad you researched the rooms - nobody likes the resturant on site - and the only rooms I trust are those managed (maintained) by Michelle. 2410 has the perfect view and modifications that help support you during recovery. Michelle is... READ COMMENT

Galena Hospital is a great and safe care center. My wife's mommy makeover was performed at Clinica Victoria - which is a much smaller but surgery center. With liability issues and the process you must go through if you are in an... READ COMMENT