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Looking For A Doc That Performs On Acne Scars Routinely in Colorado. Recommendations?

Subcision for Acne Scars in Colorado?  I Only See Two and One is More About Cellulite looking for a skilled doc that performs on acne scars routinely READ MORE

Acne Scars Dermabrasion Didn't Work! Now What?

The doctor that performed the dermabrasion was upset with the result as I was. I feel he hasn't done this procedure enough to get the technique right. He is offering me another... READ MORE

Deep erbium laser vs normal co2

I want best results for my money but my doctor doesn't have the standard co2 this is for rolling/boxcar acne scars.   A very deep erbium, are results similar to the stand... READ MORE

Dermabrasion Results Vs. Deep Erbium Results?

I had dermabrasion for acne scars some time ago. My scars are rolling/ few boxcar. I understand other options but want a specific answer based on these two methods. I was not... READ MORE

Subcision (Amount Needed) For Acne Scar?

While reading, it says that subcision for acne scar needs to be done ore than once to see a good result. I recently went to a derm that said only one should be needed if a... READ MORE

Staph Injection Twice After Dermabrasion and Laser Resurfacing?

I had a dermabrasion a year ago and a laser resurfacing now a year later..... Both time I developed boils on my body and face seven days post procedure once gross skin was off... READ MORE