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Gave Myself my First TCA Peel Today - Bay Area, CA

I got the 30% TCA solution from Amazon and read the instructions carefully. I did a test yesterday on my neck, diluting it a little with water first. It barely stung and never frosted so I figured I'd go ahead and use the full strength on my face. Well, I had a lot of anxiety about doing... READ MORE

Derma needling requires a self-disiplined commitment - Bay Area, CA

I'm in my fifties and my skin is pretty good but I have some fine lines I dislike and those unattractive nasolabial folds are starting to appear, so I want to see some tightening. I recently gave myself some TCA peels and that didn't help much so two months ago I started with derma... READ MORE

Retin-A -- I've changed my mind about it

I'm 58 years old and my face had been holding up well over the years, up until about three years ago, when some fine lines showed up and a bit of drooping on either side of my mouth, and the typical signs of aging in the neck. I have fair but normal skin (as far as oiliness to dryness) and an... READ MORE

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Hi N101 I replied to you but it got posted in the wrong place, I'll try again: I used the 1.5 roller but I don't press hard and don't cause bleeding. I hardly have any swelling. My face gets rolled once per week but I roll the right... READ COMMENT

Hi! I use the 1.5mm but I don't press hard. I really don't bleed and I have hardly any swelling. I am very careful around the bony areas though, using a lighter touch. I roll the right side of my face on a different day than the left,... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone, here's an update. I used the Stop device for awhile and then I used the Tria for awhile but I ended up coming back to derma rolling. I do it once a week now and I think that's a good idea, even though there are some people... READ COMMENT

Firstly, your skin does not look bad at all. It just needs to be left alone for awhile. I don't think you should put a bunch of crap on it, just wash it with a mild cleanser (do you ever use Noxema? that gets your skin clean without... READ COMMENT

Yeah, derma needling or derma stamping or derma pen, all these things are really good to do to your aging skin. It will rejuvenate it and improve it. It does take about a year to really see results though. I do needling with Tria home... READ COMMENT