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Reviews by Victoriana

scarred face from fraxel repair and dual

I went into this procedure knowing exactly what to expect. I chose this procedure for mild acne scarring on my cheeks, my right side being worst than my left. I had done my research, chose a board certified plastic surgeon who performed the procedure... and who has experience with the... READ MORE

The Best I Have Felt in 2 Years...- Virginia Beach, VA

After having a horrible experience with laser resurfacing, I found a doctor who is qualified, caring, attentive, honest and the list goes on.....what I think every patient wants in a treating physician. Thank you Dr. have made me feel better about my face in 2 visits than I have in... READ MORE

Questions from Victoriana

What Can I Do For Uneven Indented Skin Texture 2 Weeks Post Fraxel Repair on Whole Face?

I decided to go with this procedure for mild acne scarring on my cheeks....I had the crusting, the oozing with vinegar soaks and acquafor and then onto PCA skin regimen.My face... READ MORE

Uneven Skin Levels from Fraxel Treatments. What To Do?

Ive had 3 procedures total. 9 months out of fraxel repair and 2 months since last dual.( done for minor acne scarring) I have additional scarring and whats worse is uneven skin... READ MORE

I Have Asked This Before and It's Been Are Depressed Post Laser Scars Treated?

Please don't deviate the question. No need for settings, laser. A worthless "surgeon" who took a gamble on my face for money. I'm left with damage how do I treat it? Are laser... READ MORE

Scarred for fraxel dual. Any suggestions?

Rectangle on my left cheek...more subtle damage on shapes and lines pretty much all over my face. Done by board certified plastic surgeon who obviously is incompetent! Is there... READ MORE

Scars post laser resurfacing. Can a light dermabrasion by a skilled physcian be used to smooth them out?

Can a light dermabrasion by a skilled physcian be used to smooth out scars done by non ablative laser? Laser treatments (for scars) don't seem to do much once the swelling... READ MORE

Where to go for damages from Laser Resurfacing?

Lots of people here including myself have had damage from laser resurfacing... Not just in our minds but in our skin. Scars, lines, dents ect. Where do we go? Derm? Or facial... READ MORE

Erbium or co2?

What the difference between the two lasers? Which is best for scarring? Shallow scarring? READ MORE

Is scarring from non ablative laser deeper than acne scars?

Being that non ablative laser works from keeping the epidermis intact is scarring from non ablative laser Usually deeper than "moderate" acne scarring? Is it more difficult to... READ MORE

awful texture and scarring - Microneedling, laser or peels?

What is the best treatment for awful texture and scarring? Can shallow (very shallow scars) ever be completely removed?? READ MORE

Modalities for treating wide shallow scars?

What treatment is best for wide shallow scarring? To best describe this....pieces in my skin are "missing". This happened from a botched laser procedure. What is the best way... READ MORE

Is there a difference between atrophic and depressed scars? Can shallow scars ever be blended completely?

Is There a difference between atrophic and depressed scars? Can shallow scars ever be blended completely? READ MORE

Microneedling for post laser scarring?

A fraxel dual procedure left me with a rectangle burnt in my left cheek and other scarring of lines and shapes pretty much all over my face. Theyre shallow in appearance..... READ MORE

Alloderm graft for scarring?

Can an alloderm graft be used for acne scarring or skin that was damaged by laser? Thank you READ MORE

Scarring from lasers? What can we do?

More and more people seemed to be complaining about disastrous results of laser resurfacing. These are happening at both med spas but also with board certified plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Dermaplaning- facial shaving. Does it smooth out scarring?

Does dermaplanning done weekly smooth out scarring? Micro injuring the skin and ridding it of the debris Over the course of time....say 1 year? READ MORE

Fat transfer for laser scarring. How long is a usual recovery from this procedure?

My ps suggested FT to my combination with other resurfacing help my face from the inside and outside. how long is a usual recovery from this... READ MORE

Can shallow atrophic scarring be completely blended in to surrounding skin?

I have asked this before and been ignored...please dont give a generic copy and paste answer! can shallow atrophic scarring be completely blended in to surrounding skin? why... READ MORE

Recent comments from Victoriana

Sara have u tried biafine cream? if theres any topical for healing the skin it was that. i had burning as you described when my skin was scarred from fraxel restore. however it can also be "burning scalp syndrome" when... READ COMMENT

You look great!! so pmd is a like a microderm right? i think i saw the one with the red discs on amazon. and then u needle once a week too? sorry for allthe questions but ur results are fantastic. u look lovely. :-) READ COMMENT

Thank you for responding Dr. schwartz. I believe that some doctors prefer to charge that much more for laser treatments. My skin has actually been scarred from laser procedures. Im hoping microneedling is the answer to help improve my... READ COMMENT

Hello Dr. schwartz, I follow you on RS and was truly impressed by the recent pictures you posted..acne scarring improved with 4 microneedling sessions. Those results were just fantastic to say the least. what size needle was used to get... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the link eva... however drs only seem to address the pigmeng issues that can happen with these lasers which is with creams. creams wont do anything for texture, scarring, shapes and lines. These issues get ignored when... READ COMMENT