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To simba454--- who did your fami? i was thinking abut using dr fox or dr amar who trained fox. please answer soon. thank you so much READ COMMENT

Yes, this is the site i just posted above. it is dr amar's clinic in marbella... as i said above,use amar or fox (dr donald munroe fox in new york at for faces. ...ask amar in marbella abut breasts. READ COMMENT

Http:// and dr fox is the only one in the US certified by dr amar the results are fantastic, but the proper processing of the adipose fat must be done at high speeds, and the... READ COMMENT

I know of two doctors who do fami, i cannot state names i guess here on this site, but i can tell you about itif i have your email. one in new york and the other from whom he learned in spain. i will do it myself soon. the spain... READ COMMENT