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The only reason we tip servers is because they are paid less than minimum wage, about $3 an hour. READ COMMENT

It is not the client's responsibility to subsidize the stylist's income. READ COMMENT

That whole 20% tip thing was made up by stylists anyway. Tip whatever you want, if you feel obligate, which you should not. There is no "correct" amount, never has been, never will be. READ COMMENT

My colorist charges $100 for a single process. If she thinks she is entitled to a $20 tip on top of that, she's out of her mind. READ COMMENT

My theory is the more expensive the hair service, the lower the tip. A $12 haircut? Sure, here's $4. A $200 haircut? $15 is more than reasonable. Any hairdresser who expects a $40 tip is out of his/her mind. And you never tip the... READ COMMENT