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Marie, I am in the medical profession. Sheri was extremely nice to me until I confronted her about something that she was doing against me and others. Since then she became crazy vindictive. They gave me some junky lap top. I did use it... READ COMMENT

You need to hear my horror story before you deal with these people. READ COMMENT

Disregard 60 and loving it comments".I have told the truth and will continue to tell the truth. READ COMMENT

Be careful Marie. If you say anything bad about Sheri Burke, she will try to have your life ruined and post your personal information. I am considerng a law suit against Sheri Burke for fraud, slander and for violating my legal right... READ COMMENT

Perhaps you need to know the facst. Sheri Burke promised a computer service for my work. she did not deliver ,but gave me and old junky lap top that was an eye sore.It was used for two weeks WITH permission. The maid , I assumed put... READ COMMENT