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Questions from Pam47

How Do You Tell if You Tore the Muscle Repair from a Tummy Tuck? 6 Weeks PO

I am 6 weeks PO from having extended tummy tuck w/muscle repair. I have severe depression and tend to over eat at certain times. I got in a depression state right after my tt... READ MORE

Extended Tummy Tuck and I Still Have a Muffin Top- Is This My Final Result?

I am 8 weeks post op from having an extended tt, when I lay down or stand up I am flat. BUT when I am sitting I have a muffin top. Will this go down or am I stuck with this... READ MORE

Had Extended TT but Need Alot of Work Done on the Back Side, What Do You Recommend?

I had an ETT done 5 months ago. June I will be getting BL/BA. I don't like my back side at all. I feel he should have done a LBL but he thought he could do what I wanted... READ MORE

Loose Skin & Muffin Top After ETT (photo)

I am 6 months out from having an ETT. I am not happy with my results. It seems my skin is getting very loose and I can grab alot of skin still. I still have a muffin top and my... READ MORE

What Size Will I Be if I Get 400 Cc Silicone Under the Muscle?

I am going in for my BL/BA and I tried the rice test and I liked the 475 cc but my PS thinks that will be a big DD cup, I am wanting a full D cup. He said to go between 350-400... READ MORE

BL/BA and Only 2 Scars, Still Droopy Looking? (photo)

I had BA/BL done last week. I got 400 ccs. My PS said I would have 3 scars..1 around the areola, 1 vertical, and 1 under the crease of the breast. I only got the 1 around my... READ MORE

Discussions started by Pam47

Y do my boobs hurt after tummy tuck?

Hi, I am 2 weeks post op extended tummy tuck.  Things are going really good.  I didnt experience any swell hell yet lol...I love my new flat tummy.  My problem... READ MORE

Why am I eating so much after my tummy tuck??? HELP!!

OK I need some help....I am 5 weeks post op from having an extended tummy tuck.  I am starting to feel alot better and I love my results.  Problem is...why am I... READ MORE

swelling or muffin top??

Can someone please tell me if it's swelling or am I gonna have loose skin still?  When I stand I look good, but when I sit down I still got a muffin top.  I had... READ MORE

Swelling loose or tight?

I am 9 weeks post op...I was wondering when we swell is the skin tight or loose?  I'm just trying to figure out if the loose skin and muffin top while sitting is... READ MORE

Tight or does it get loose??

I was wondering if after having a tummy tuck...I am almost 4 months post the skin suppose to be tight and flat or can you still pull skin and it is wrinkly like before... READ MORE

loose skin and muffin top after ETT

I am 6 months out from ETT.  I am not happy with my results.  My PS said an ETT would correct all of my concerns that were...a muffin top, loose hanging skin from... READ MORE