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I guess I need to update how is my situation now, i am on 10 weeks post surgery. The skin tightening that i worried about was actually going better and better, of cause still have a bit of loose skin but it is better than what i... READ COMMENT

My arms were quite big before, they were 17.5minches on each side and now down to 14 inches with the compression garment on, they are actually a lot smaller than before. I had some loose skin on my arms and now is even looser, the shape... READ COMMENT

My doctor told me to wear the garment day and night for two weeks, then only night time for the following 2 weeks, but I think I will wear it as long as I can, I hope it will help the skin tightening and have a better result. The loose... READ COMMENT

I have done my arms with Smartlipo 10 days ago too, my dr. sucked out 0.7litre of each arm, and I have lost 3.5inches on each arm. I know it is too early to say but I am not sure about the result, but i am in a very big concern of the... READ COMMENT